5 Trends Disrupting the Telecommunications Industry

Telecommunications companies are some of the largest organizations in the world. They do something remarkable and important – connecting people living in distant locations. Communication is an extremely crucial aspect to our daily lives that many people take for granted. Imagine how different things would be if all cell phones and Internet connections just stopped working. It would be chaos because we have become so accustomed to the luxury of immediate connection.

Due to their inherent value to society, telecommunications companies need to be continually evolving to become better equipped for tomorrow. Here are some of the major trends disrupting the telecommunications industry.

5 Disruptive Telecommunications Industry Trends To Follow

5 Disruptive Telecommunications Industry Trends To Follow
Telecommunications industry had witnessed a significant growth over the years. But in order to further prepare for the next phase of challenges ahead, telecommunications firms need to be continually innovate to become better equipped for what’s ahead.


When you think of a telecommunications company, you typically think of phones and Internet service. You probably don’t think of your favorite TV series. However, this is one of the next frontiers for a lot of telecom providers. This concept has been anticipated for a while; but is just starting to come to fruition. One example of this principle in action is AT&T’s recent merger with Warner Media. Clearly there’s a shift toward the content distribution side on the part of the telecoms. This is because content allows the telecom companies to offer a more vertically integrated line of products. When content, advertising, and the means of distributing these things are all working together—that’s powerful.

Mobile Migration

For a long time, it was assumed that people would continue using their desktop computers for most of their Internet access. This increasingly is not the case, and it’s heading more the direction of mobile every day. This means that telecom companies need to react to this ongoing trend by improving their mobile networks for greater usage.

Data Analytics

There are few industries that can operate better without the presence of data analytics. The telecommunications world is no exception to this. Data makes up everything we do. And this data can be extremely useful for things like improving internal operations—or even elucidating user behavior and trends. This sort of telecommunication industry analysis will be essential to the next generation of business leaders. Whether it’s to better advertise to users, or tighten up revenue streams, data analytics will be the key.


No one should underestimate the important of cybersecurity. It’s estimated that cybercrime will run up a global bill of $6 trillion by 2021. The telecommunications industry is possibly the one that needs cybersecurity more than any other.

There’s a reason for this. Everyone’s personal information passes through the gates monitored by telecommunications companies. If there’s a weakness in their security, it’s putting all kinds of sensitive data at risk. It’s going to increasingly be the responsibility of telecom companies to be proactive on their security fronts. Consumers simply expect their personal information to be kept safe. If something goes wrong, they won’t be happy.

Increased Use Due to the Internet of Things

There has been a lot of talk about the Internet of Things over the past few years. We are now on the cusp of machines being interconnected in a way that completely changes what we’ve known up to this point. People are excited about how this will increase convenience and efficiency in daily life. But there’s something else that needs to be considered: how much data it will consume. All those independent devices will be connected to the Internet. And in order to communicate with each other, it will require a massive amount of data—levels of magnitude higher than anything the world has ever seen. Telecom companies will need to prepare for this massive influx in usage by improving their infrastructure.

Telecommunications companies help the world work. Just like all other forms of business, they are seeing major disruptions with the continual progression of modern technology. It’s impossible to perfectly predict the future; but these points will almost certainly play a disruptive role in the future of the telecommunications industry.





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    Nice share…!

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    Sujith Sukumaran

    Great read….!

    But I am still wondering how you left out SD-WAN/Hybrid-WAN from the list. I believe along with these points WAN deserves a place. It is a great addition to our traffic steering process and optimization of data usage. WAN services are revolutionizing the network industry.

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