July 9 Virus: The Internet Didn’t DIE on 9th JULY as many people thought

July 9 Virus Attack Outcome

As the internet security is being defiled, FBI proposed to shut servers that was affected by a DNSChanger Trojan Horse by July 9, but oops! only 0.2% of world PCs were affected. It was tagged the July 9 Virus by internet searchers.

Over the past weeks, there has been a news that the internet will shut down against computers that are affected by the DNSChanger Trojan Horse. A website was given by the FBI where you can check if your computer got affected.

In 2007, cyberthieves created malware, dubbed DNSChanger, that manipulated the way Internet ads appeared in infected computer browsers, allowing the cybercrooks to rack up millions in illicit fees.

The malware depended on a basic Internet principle called DNS (Domain Name System), which is how Internet routers know where to send your Internet requests — that is, how to translate a URL like www.time.com into a numeric IP address when you type it into your browser’s address bar.
Computers infected by DNSChanger had their local DNS information changed and were redirected to fraudulent servers that delivered Web-based ads that eventually channeled millions of dollars to the malware authors.”

The FBI announced last November that so many computers were affected, and they chose to shut down the servers on the 9th of July (july 9). People were given deadline to fix their computers before this date, as all ends yesterday, it was discovered that only 0.2% of the world PCs were affected.

If you had been afraid that your server will be shut down, don’t get worried anymore, because its all over, 9th of July was yestaday.

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