The Top Four S's of the iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4s have four top S’s qualities and we are going to be looking inwardly at those S’s and define it to make things more simpler. iPhone 4 is the latest baby from the mobile producing giant, APPLE. Though, the phone was the one which the company announced in the place of iPhone 5 which many had speculated to look thinner and even wider than any other iPhone versions.

So, here are the top four “S” qualities of iPhone 4s which is an upgrade of iPhone 4 device:

Number one ‘S’ stands for Speed:

One thing that makes the new iPhone 4S different from its predecessor, iPhone 4 is the Apple’s A5 processor that makes things faster than how the formal performs. The new iphone 4s currently occupies the slim encasing of the iPad 2.

We can experience the speed and battery life of the new phone to its predecessor by comparing the two together to see that it is faster in processing data and others. Another benefits of using the new iphone 4s is that, it will make it easier for people to use any other versions that will come after this one (ease upgrade with faster processor).

Number two ‘S’ stands Shooting. The increase in the resolution of the iPhone 4S makes it even better increasing from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels (available in competitive cameras even at the launch of the iPhone 4). Also, high definition (HD) video capture resolution from 720p to 1080p are among the factors that makes it useful and powerful more than the previous. During the announcements, Apple announces this feature among the cool features of the new iPhone 4S.

Among the improvement is particular reduction in speed of shot time and also the home screen camera starting feature.

Number three ‘S’ stands Siri.Somewhere around last year, Apple acquired Siri, the voice recognition powerhouse app for apple phones. Since the time of the purchase of the software, we’ve heard nothing until now the Oct 4 announcement day when they finally announced the feature with the iphone 4s.

Number four ‘S’ stands Sprint. It is quite clear that the announcement of Apple iPhone 4S was about expanding the iOS base for better market domination. Apple introduced the iPhone on Sprint. Sprint according to Engadget, is one among the two biggest players in prepaid mobile access business. On the other hand, last friday at the Sprint event, the connection carrier noted that, the lack of an iOS on its platform was the number one reason that makes customers leaving them for other carriers.

For this reason, having the iPhone 4S on its platform is a welcome development for their customers.

What are your comments concerning this information. Do you have addition to these “S’s”of iPhone 4S? Then share them below.


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