More Tips on Choosing an SEO Company to Work With

There is no shortage of options when it comes to SEO companies around Canada. You can always find a suitable one to hire regardless of your budget and need. Choosing the right one to hire, however, is still very important, especially if you want to have an effective SEO campaign boosting your online presence.

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There are a number of additional tips you can use when choosing an SEO company to work with. We have outlined some factors you can consider in choosing an SEO company for your next online branding and marketing project.

Relevant Experience

You would normally ask for information on past projects and references when comparing SEO companies. This is a good first step to take when you are looking into SEO companies to hire.

Take a step further and review the past projects that looks similar, or at least relevant, to the site you will be promoting. If you have an online store, for instance, working with an SEO company that has plenty of experience doing internet marketing for ecommerce is a good way to start.

Relevant experience is more than just about the same industry. Review the tools, marketing instruments and other elements of the campaigns the company has handled in the past to get a clear picture of what to expect when working with the SEO experts.

Local SEO and Social Media

Local SEO is the hottest trend in SEO right now. If you are targeting a local audience, focusing on local SEO is simply a must. You can get a much better set of results without having to pour a lot of time and money into the campaign. You can achieved this by working with a Canada-based SEO company that has sufficient experience in local SEO campaigns.

The same goes for social media. Social media is an inseparable part of a successful internet marketing campaign. The available social networks are also great for boosting the site’s presence and SEO performance. Ask about the companies’ experience in handling social media pages and campaigns before deciding the best one to hire.

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Cost and Benefits

We naturally compare SEO companies based on the quotes they present us. Make sure you compare the quotes not only based on prices or the bottom lines, but also on the services, add-ons, tools and bonuses you get in return.

Let’s say an SEO company quotes you $500/month for a full SEO service, while the other quotes you $700/month. At first glance, the first offer seems to be more effective. Drill down a bit deeper and you may find the second offer to include access to premium SEO tools, additional reports and advertising credits. If this is the case, the $700/month plan is actually more valuable, despite the more expensive price.

By focusing on cost and benefits, you will get the best value for your money. Bonus advertising credits, for instance, can be used to jump start your own SEM campaign. Promoting products and services will be much easier to do with the right marketing tools at your disposal. Additional services, on the other hand, can help complete the SEO campaign altogether.


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  1. Rahul Avatar

    Hey Olukunle Moses,

    Social media plays a vital role. So choosing an SEO company which knows enough about social media tricks will help us in a better way. And as you have rightly mentioned, we should also look at cost and it’s benefits.

    Thanks for this article 🙂

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Absolutely right Rahul!

  2. Saint jose Avatar
    Saint jose

    Hi Moses Really great article but i know the on& off page techniques but i try to know new concepts about seo…Thanks you

  3. rzaker Avatar

    SEO is the technique which promote your business through online marketing methods because if you follow some effective technique according to google algorithm then within less time you can get your desired result and huge business profit.

  4. pine Avatar

    Thank you for your thoughtful SEO service. Yes, improvements in our skill . However, large and small actions are both important, that’s a great think 🙂

  5. pine Avatar

    It is my great pleasure to visit your website and to enjoy your excellent SEO tips here. 🙂
    Thanks.. 🙂

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