Top 5 Best Android Games for Ice Cream Sandwich

When it comes to choosing your best ice cream sandwich games among the millions we have in the Google Play store, there are certain factors that you need to consider.

The android v4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich) is doing a great job. Android OS already supports well over 4,50,000 applications, clearly this app count is quite hard to reach but Android Developers have done it.

Android OS is the biggest competitor to the iOS OS which has been ruling the global OS network from years. Android is an acquaintance of Google and perhaps that’s why it’s growing so fast.

Android OS has got all type of apps including the productive apps, games, music apps, core-programming apps etc. but at the end you have to choose from millions of such apps in each category which is a hectic task.

What to do?

Well, don’t worry because we have compiled up the list of Top 5 Best Android Games for Android Ice Cream Sandwich Mobile Operating System. The list includes all the games which we found quite interesting and worth spending time on. We didn’t include the more popular games like Angry Birds because they don’t need any kind of introduction.

We just want you to know about some other games too.

Ice Cream Sandwich Android Games

Stardom - The A List1. Stardom – The A List

Stardom – The A List is an awesome game. Stardom – The A List is quite similar to the SIMS. Stardom – The A List is a high end graphic quality game which is available on other operating systems like iOS too. The game is completely free and is worth trying. It’s about how you cope up with the virtual yet real things. The more experience you have, the better will be your level.

King Fighter 2 Ice Cream sandwich game2. King Fighter 2

King Fighter 2 is a fully action-packed game. The graphic quality of King Fighter 2 could have been better but none the less, you won’t find yourself getting bored until you have this game on your device. This game is like Double Dragon, where you have to do the hand fight with the opponent and use different types of moves to take him down.

Ceramic Destroyer for ICS3. Ceramic Destroyer

Ceramic Destroyer is a simple game, you have to aim your ball shaped weapon towards the target and then shoot it. Once it hits the target, it explodes thereby destroying a portion of your target. This way you have to take the whole target down.

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The Journey to Egypt ice cream sandwich gameJourney to Egypt

Journey to Egypt is like the Aladdin which everyone used to play on the PC. Journey to Egypt is an interesting game where you have to find yourself way through each level slashing down the throats of your enemies.

Cartoon Wars ice cream sandwich gameCartoon Wars

Cartoon Wars is a quite easy game but it takes time to get smooth with this. Cartoon Wars is all about controlling your character properly. You have to move the circle on the bottom left of your screen to control the character.

This post talks about the best 5 android games for ics operating system. And all of these games are free to download for your android phones so far you can visit Google Play.

These games are the top best android games for 2012. Please share your comment with me if you like these games or you think there are others out there that I can add to the list. Thanks a lot





10 responses to “Top 5 Best Android Games for Ice Cream Sandwich”

  1. Sonia Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the best games for android, Stardom is the best game on my android device which I play most of the time.

  2. Sam Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the list Olawale. Its nice to see some refreshing games other than Angry Birds.

  3. Reetika Avatar

    Can’t these games run on other versions of Android.? By the way Nice work man.

  4. Sean Avatar

    I am a big fan of King Fighter 2. It brings back memories of Double Dragon. It rocked!

  5. Mobile anti theft Avatar
    Mobile anti theft

    Thanks for sharing these games.In my opinion,Cartoon Wars game seems to be very interesting one. Fabulous job done.Thumbs up for this.

  6. Rashmi Sinha Avatar
    Rashmi Sinha

    A nice post that doesn’t refer to the very well known games for android. It is nice to see good games that are not very popular. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Carlos Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this post Olawale, Cartoon wars and King Fighter 2 are my favorite. These games going to be really fun because I really got bored of Angry Birds now it’s refreshing to play these games again and playing cartoon wars will definitely will refresh my memories of my school days memories.

  8. MCPoint Avatar

    I loved the list.
    I love the Android OS
    I think it’s one of the best.
    The games and apps are perfect.
    Great post.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Glad you liked that. Thanks

  9. david william Avatar
    david william

    yes these are best games for android

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