The Top 60 Spotify Alternatives


Earlier yesterday, Facebook announced integrating Spotify into its social media site for users to benefitted from, in its bid to win the race of social networking war.  Spotify is a free and paid online music streaming service, that always restricts the number of times and the duration of time users could listen to their favorite tracks on its platform. Spotify is not totally free like what most people are looking for, people want something they can try for free, even without paying for it. They would like to test it out and know its features before they go on to subscribe to such service but, Spotify does not support that. It only have an option where people can request an invite from a registered users before that person can have free access to the service. Even with the free invite option, that doesn’t mean that the person can have full access to spotify at all time excepts the person want to deceive himself/herself.

Free invitation for Spotify has fulled the internet, people are searching for ways to get free invite online everyday, but do you think Spotify really worth spending time on? If you want free invite for spotify, you can get it here.

However, if all what you need is to have a do off-spotify, then this article is written mainly because of you. Read on to learn more below.

Due to the request from our readers, I have compiled the lists of best Spotify alternatives, offering you unlimited playback (some with simple to read adverts) for free:

  2. Grooveshark read: Grooveshark – Spotify Alternative review
  3. 8tracks – mentioned by TIME in the 50 Top Websites for 2011

  4. iTunes

  5. Pandora

  6. Jamendo

  7. Zune Software

  8. SongZilla


  10. Deezer

  11. Musicovery

  12. Jango

  13. Screamer Radio

  14. The SixtyOne

  15. RadioSure (Radio Sure)

  16. ownCloud

  17. Songza

  18. Slacker Radio

  19. Google Music Beta

  20. stereomood

  21. Rdio

  22. Musicuo

  23. we7

  24. TuneIn Radio

  25. Simfy

  26. finetune

  27. Jiwa

  28. Listen

  29. mflow

  30. Amazon Cloud Player

  31. MOG

  32. Wimp


  34. Musicdog

  35. Everplay

  36. radiotuna

  37. Nexus Radio

  38. SoundClick

  39. Amazon MP3


  41. AccuRadio

  42. GrooveWalrus

  43. Eina

  44. AUPEO!

  45. iPod

  46. JukeFly

  47. Booster

  48. Libre Droid

  49. SweetFM

  50. Rhapsody

  51. Grooveshark Unofficial Player

  52. Dizzler

  53. Gatunes

  54. Bitspace

  55. Discoverbit

  56. i Music

  57. Mewseek

  58. Music Unlimited

  59. Power Beat

These are the top 60 spotify alternatives for 2011? Let me know what you mean, please reply this post.


  1. I want something LIKE spotify that lets me choose the songs I want to listen to. not radio playlists. all the “spotify alternitives” are all playlist based music players


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