Top 7 Creative Tributes to Steve Jobs

Though Steve Jobs is no more but, his work still speaks of his existence even now when he was no more active. For the past few days, there are lots of rumors about Steve Jobs not having a plate number on his Mercedes Benz make car and some others after the Walter Issaccson’s written biography for Steve Jobs was launched on Amazon. Apart from those rumors, since the death of Steve Jobs earlier this month, there are many things that are been showcased focusing much on Steve. And one of them are tributes for him in different forms.

Here in this article above are the tributes of the man of the people, Steve Paul Jobs who in his days, made computer personal for people to use. He even caused many funny stances with his inventory when a boy of 17 year of age willingly sold his kidney in order to acquire an iPhone 4 – what a funny matter? I think Steve worth more to the technology world and people would find it hard to forget him soon.

Steve Jobs mercedes

steve jobs


steve phonesteve jobs


Please do share your comments concerning these tributes for Jobs. If you have any other tributes like this you can share the links in the comment below. Thanks for reading.

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