Top 7 iPad Apps for Students

Technology is revolutionizing education.

Students are now using tablet computers to make education easier, and when we consider the fact that the iPad dominates 97 percent of the tablet computer market, its impact on education can no longer be denied.

The reality, though, is that the iPad on its own is incapable of creating a great education environment; you need quality apps to spice up your experience, and the apps you need will depend on your area or study.

Top iPad Apps for Students

This article will be sharing 10 iPad apps that will be useful for almost any student.

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1. This Day in History

Cost: Free

Size: 18.2 MB

The iPad app, This Day in History, is a must-have app for history students, or those interested in knowing more about the history of the world. It is like a calendar that shows you what happened on a particular day in history, with pictures, music, and even speeches.

The app, This Day in History, automatically shows you the history of the day you’re at, but it also makes it easy for you to check out other dates to see what happened.

The app interface is also very cool and has a look of “history”, and there has been a lot of great feedback from people who use this app.

2. The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Cost: $13.99

Size: 1.71 GB

You’ve probably been taught basic elements in physics?

You know about the first 20 elements, and you’ve seen the periodic table. That’s great, but you still have a long way to go.

The joy of the periodic table isn’t just in reading about the elements, or in looking at a bland picture of them. The joy is in experiencing it visually.

This app shows you visual images of each element, as well as intricate details about each element. It also has a lot of cool features that you can explore.

3. World Custom and Cultures

Cost: Free

Size: 1.9 MB

Are you very fascinated with what is going on in China, but have no means to be there soon?

Do you have plans to be in Japan, but don’t know what to do and what not to do?

Look no further, this app is one of the best apps out there that gives you insight into the customs and cultures in various countries of the world. Ranging from what the legal drinking age is, to the dangers of a particular action in the country of your choice.

As indicated above, this app is completely free but it is exactly what you need for insights into the customs and cultures of different countries of the world.

4. Manual for the United States of America

Cost: $2.99

Size: 87.4 MB

The United States of America is currently the leading country in the world, and every smart student in every aspect of the world should be well equipped with historical moments and happenings in the United States.

This app is like the history of the United States, and it also contains a lot of additional features including the constitution of the United States.

5. iBooks

Cost: Free

Size: 42.4 MB

A student is only as good as how much kind she spends writing, and the kind of books she read.

The problem, however, is that keeping up with physical books in the world we leave in today can be an ordeal, which is where iBooks comes into the equation.

With iBooks, you can read any of your favorite books on your iPad, in any language you want. You can also read books that are fully illustrated, and enhanced with videos and audio.

6. Portrait Photography 101

Cost: $1.99

Size: 5.5 MB

Are you studying photography in school, or are you just discovering Photography and are fascinated by the process.

The difference between professional and amateur photographers is what they know, and one of the best ways to keep yourself ahead of your peers is by learning from the experts.

This app is only $1.99, yet it gives you insight into taking better portraits with tips and advice from experts.

You can also read through real-life scenarios from other photographers, along with high-resolution images to help you take better portraits, all on your iPad.

7. Wikipedia Mobile

Cost: Free

Size: 2.3 MB

Wikipedia is currently the biggest encyclopedia online, as well as the 6th biggest website in the world.

Wikipedia is full of articles and knowledge on almost any subject in the world, contributed and regularly improved by various people from all over the world.

The app, Wikipedia Mobile, brings the power of Wikipedia to your iPad, and you can get access to information on any subject in the world at the click of a button.

The app also makes it for you to save articles for later reading, or to be read online, and it is constantly improved as a part of the open source movement.

Which other Educational Apps will you add?

Education is an ongoing process, and you don’t have to be physically enrolled in a school to keep learning.

What do you think about the apps above? Which is your favorite, and what other apps will you add to the list?

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