Top Amazing Ways to Save iPhone 4S’ Battery from Draining

IPhone 4s is a superb and attractive gadget to have, this is undisputable. It broke record sales by raking in millions of dollars on first release – and everybody wants to buy the device. Apple inc. has been able to capture the mind of tech enthusiasts by implementing programs like Siri in the astonishingly great smartphone. You want to bet that there’s nothing wrong with your iPhone 4s? It’s probably going to be a risky game if you’d say that.

iPhone 4s, though, having being praised for so many things, has its own deflects which is probably giving its users some bad experiences.

One area you won’t praise iPhone 4s for is its poor battery life. This may be owing to the fact that it has many new features and an advanced processor chip (A5 for that matter). But then, you can still change things and make your iPhone4s’ battery life last a bit longer for you.

Dissable iCloud

iPhone 4s users live in a world of great realizations and among the many things that are making your day on your iPhone 4s is iCloud. This, I would confess comes with its own price. And that may be paid with the life of your iPhone 4s battery. You can do without this app on some occasions. Wouldn’t it be wise if you disable it while still looking for better ways to make your iPhone 4S’ battery life last longer.

Display Settings

One of the amazing things about iPhone is how you can make some changes to its display settings and you’d find yourself economizing you battery life. It has also been proven that dimming the display lights of your mobile phone is good for your health.

Doing this will not only help you add more extra hours to your battery life, it will also help you see your iPhone 4s in a new light.

Control Push notifications

You would actually want to be selective with the kind of app you send through Push notifications. This, surely, will notify you of any changes in your apps, but you can do better without it. The notifications you receive by enabling Push notifications on your iPhone 4s can actually drain your battery life beyond imaginations.


Siri, no doubt, is one of the most amazing features of iPhone 4s. While some people have actually debated that the “s” behind the iPhone 4s actually stands for Siri or Steve Jobs, you can still enjoy your iPhone 4s without it. Don’t you think so?

With your Siri running on your iPhone 4s, your smartphone is going to be transferring a lot of bandwidth over the internet which is consuming your battery life. Disabling Siri for some moments can actually help you save more of your battery life.

If you want to enjoy your iPhone 4s for a longer period at a stretch, you’d want to make sure its battery life is in good condition.

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