Top Angry Birds Apps For Mac


This angry bird apps for Machintosh idea was from one of my blog reader, Santhosh by name who owns Angry birds is one of the top most played mobile and PC based game ever as the history would have it. It is because the game is full of some character which makes it interesting user’s choice. In this small article, I provide you with three top angry birds apps for machintosh users. You only need to download these apps and start using them.

1. Angry Birds

Top Angry Birds Apps for MacIt is no more new that the birds are getting angrier and they’re ready to give it what it takes to revenge what they’ve experienced in the hands of the green pigs. So, download this app from the App Store and start fighting the green pigs with all the power and the ability that is left in you, as a bird. Make sure that you try to advanced and go through all the 288 levels that’s in the game with your eyes open with your skills so that you can crush the enemies. Download from App Store & Get The App


2. Angry Birds Seasons 


Top Angry Birds season Apps for MacMake sure that you are able to win all the 30 levels in this game so that you can advance to the next level. In your quest to win, you will meet a small-sized looking brand new bird that will be of help to you in your journey, don’t fool yourself with the look of this bird but, try as much as possible to complete all the steps and get more tricks.  Download from App Store

3. Angry Birds Rio


Angry-Birds-rio-Apps-For-Mac2This game provide a scene that makes all angry birds game interesting. It happened that the original angry birds was kidnapped and they were taken to Rio de Janeiro in Mexico, and later, they escaped their captors. Blu and Jewel, the two rare macaws and the popular stars of the Rio, the hit motion picture. Now the birds are getting angrier about the situation and they want to rescue their friends. Set out and help the birds achieve this aim. Download from App Store


  1. Angry bird app idea is very fantastic mention for me.I think it should be not similar other app idea.whatever thanks for sharing info are good


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