Story Map: Top Ten Cloud Computing Countries in the Europe

Recent years have seen increased scrutiny on the “cloud”, but only few people have come to the full knowledge of how cloud works.

What is cloud? How does it work? Is the cloud safe?

With more information, a greater understanding has developed about the storage facility. More and more people are choosing to store data and programs online, as opposed to storing and accessing them locally through the owner’s hard-drive. It is estimated that sales of cloud computing infrastructure is expected to increase by over 25% by 2018, but why are so many businesses and individuals choosing to access programs and data online? Here, we take a quick run through the benefits of using the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

One of the primary and most important features of the cloud is the ability to recover from a disaster in optimum time, with minimum downtime. Recent studies suggest that businesses that use the cloud are able to recover from a disaster four times faster than an organisation that stores data locally.

Improved Flexibility

Business requirements and demands can change in a second, and the ability to react and adapt is vital. Using cloud services enables businesses to increase bandwidth almost immediately due to the capacity of the remote servers of the service. Flexibility in work location is also assured as users have access to their information and data, anytime and anywhere.


Businesses and individuals need no longer be reliant on their own machines to store important information. The fear of having a laptop misplaced while travelling to an important conference is eradicated.

Recent figures indicate that one in every five enterprises in the EU now use cloud services. The information sector is the largest adopter of cloud services at 45% followed by the professional, scientific and technical activities sector.

This infographic takes a closer look at the use of cloud services in the EU by country, in the hope of achieving greater insight into why businesses choose to use the cloud.


8 responses to “Story Map: Top Ten Cloud Computing Countries in the Europe”

  1. harpreet Avatar

    today is the trend of cloud to store online data and ur blog specifies beautifully that how countries taking part in this thanku for sharing this important information with us nice blog

  2. Bharat Avatar

    Clouds are the perfect to store anything. Coming days are of Cloud computing..!!

  3. nellyj Avatar

    I can’t believe that Finland is first in this list, I thought it must be Denmark at the top of this list. Surprising if it is true !

  4. flyshgeost Avatar

    International Data Corporation (IDC) said that 60 percent of companies still
    considering moving “cloud backup” beyond their official website to the cloud to protect against natural disasters, IT accidents, power outages and other unforeseen catastrophic event because they are still unsure of the level of safety. What do you think?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      That’s a positive reaction towards avoiding future disasters. I like that.

  5. Tarikul Islam Avatar
    Tarikul Islam

    Its disaster recovery feature is four times faster than an organisation that stores data locally and I like this feature most.Cloud computing is the future of next generation technology to store data online without any doubt.

  6. Mungurul Alam Avatar
    Mungurul Alam

    From the post, I knew about cloud computing that is amazing and excellent information.

  7. Godlove Avatar

    Technology is slowly taken over the world.

    Any country that doesn’t take advantage of this will die.

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