Top FACEBOOK Shortcuts to use

Facebook is the number one social networking site as at this moment and there’s no other website that can take over the position except the new Google service known as Google+.

Many people use facebook on daily and weekly basis, they use it to keep themselves updated with their friends and loved ones while others use it to promote their business for more exposure. While using facebook, there are lots of challenges that users faced with, notable among them is the inability to do things faster, posting of messages to wall needs to be faster with the click of a mouse and doesn’t need to take much time. Because of the problems many people faced while using facebook, that is why I presented to you a more easy way to use facebook without stress.

The solution is known as operation keyboard shortcuts.

With shortcuts, you don’t need to move your mouse from here to there, you can do everything with just a single finger click. You can write post and publish it on your wall while using keyboard shortcuts on your facebook account easily. I have compiled a list of top shortcuts that you need to know on facebook that can make you have good facebooking experience when you are using it. So, here below are the lists of shortcuts you can use for your facebook account management.

Home (View News Feed): Press Alt + 1 on your computer and it will take you back to the home area of your wall.

Search: If you want to search for your friends on facebook or you have lost contact with your school-mates before and you want to hook-up with him/her on facebook. Then use this shortcut Alt + ? to search for the person. See

Profile: Press the key Alt + 2 on your computer keyboard to see your profile page.

Check Friend Requests: Press Alt + 3 and it will show you all the friend request on your wall.

Show Messages: The key Alt + 4 works for showing messages on facebook and if you want to reply or send messages, you can use the result to go the next page.

View Notifications: To know what is going on your facebook profile wall or on some post that you have commented on, or if someone replied to your comment,use Alt + 5.

Account Settings: This is useful for changing and modification of your facebook account. Press Alt + 6 and continue from there.

Privacy Settings: If you are mostly interested in protecting yourself while using facebook, then, you have to make use of this shortcut often and often because it will be use to protect yourself and information from any form of compromising stuffs. Press  Alt + 7 and you are ready to configure your facebook to work.

Facebook Fan Page: If you have a fan page associated to your facebook account, instead of going through stress in visiting the page, why can’ you press Alt + 8 and start modifying your page easily.

Facebook Terms & Conditions: I you don’t know some terms that associated to your profile on facebook, you can fall into trouble while using facebook because you can do something that they don’t like but once you kn ow that, you can be the victim. To access the terms and condition on facebook, press Alt + 9.

Facebook Help Center: If you need help when using facebook, then this place is the best solution for your facebook problems. Just press Alt + 0.

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