Top Funniest Technology Images You Should Check

Images do speaks! And some of them do help us with our daily activities. Images can either be positive or negative but in every image, there must be a message from it.

So, be expecting something as you are looking at the top funny technology images displayed below.

Hope you will enjoy them and have a nice time being on this blog 🙂

Top  Funny Technology Images 2012/2013

Amazing! - technology is spoiling my class
bangkok transportation

hahaha...Business rivals do always different and unexpected things

best snow ever

I hate Facebook, give me Google+

social media poetry
help your other fellow human
let's give steve jobs some papers
Fan commercial - Funny Thai commercialmay her soul rest in peace
new age learning
I will kill you over there, come down now
unbelievable - super love from the moon

Two IdioT on A RoLL
page rank pump
Playground Comparison
Obama - I will add to your weight
I know how to do it more than you boss
see  my bottom you fool police men
usb laptop self charger cable
Who really is the big one
you are going to be burnt

I know you’d in a high laughing mode as of now because of these great funny technology images that we’ve gathered from all around the world – through out public and private domains with credit to the right owners. These are the top funny technology images of 2012/2013, if you also have some funny technology related images, please share them with us by sending via email to us here.

But before you leave, please let me quickly do a run-down of some other interesting and funny technology events of this year and last year as we have published. Reading some of these posts, you’d be able to learn more about some other things that have passed-away unnoticed but still in our record/archive for the readership of our great followers, YOU!

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and many more other interesting topics….

Thanks for reading and hoping to see you more and more? 🙂

Are these funny technology images, and humorous images cool for your viewing pleasure, please share your views in the comment section below and I shall try to reply them as soon as possible.


8 responses to “Top Funniest Technology Images You Should Check”

  1. Free Premium Themes Avatar
    Free Premium Themes

    You make me laugh.. Hahaha

  2. Rob Avatar

    Thanks for the laugh, good to have a dose of humour now and again.

  3. Gregg Camp Avatar
    Gregg Camp

    All the images are really funny and humorous, a really good collection. These images bring meaning to most of the things which are taking place daily in our lives. I like those two guys going around masked as Google and facebook.

  4. Andy Avatar

    Great to see these.. I loved them all. great dude.

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