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Search Trends: Top Google Search for 2012

On Wednesday, Google released a list of its top searched keywords for the year 2012. As you know Google is the world leading search engine, anything it listed as the top search key is accepted as the world most trend events. Most of the top Google searches are the prominent events that occurred during the year, and things you least expected but important.

Top Google Search of 2012 according to Zeitgeist

A glance into a list of top Google search for this year

Few of the perennial searches that topped the list in ten countries includes “what is love?” said in a blog post by Amit Singhal, Google senior vice president, who said they were all astonish with what they saw in the list.

The Google 2012 Zietgeist report also showed that the sudden death of the great singer Whitney Houston generated a lot of search about the name by a lot of internet user, pushing the keyword to one of the top Google search for the year.

A dance performed by a South Korean dancer, PSY, the “Gangnam Style” became one of the world most trending issue, it’s one of the top Google search in many countries and came trending after “Whitney Houston”. His video also received a title of “the most watched clip” on Youtube also owned by Google. Singhal said that “the PSY’s Gangnam Style label dance took the world by storm”.

The next on the top Google search trending table is the “Hurricane Sandy” which at the time was the puller on Instagram before it was swallowed by the Black Friday event. This keyword became the third most searched keyword followed by the “iPad 3 tablet computer” an Apple product, “Diablo 3,” a video game, and mother-to-be Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge.

Now, the biggest summer event of the year in London, the “Olympic Games,” pushed it to one of the top Google search of the year in the list of 10.

Another one noted in the top Google search by Singhal in the release was the epic free fall jump of the Australian diver “Felix Bumgartner”.

Various athletes in the 2012 Olympics entered the list of the top Google search for the year. “Jeremy Lin” an NBA star made it up the ladder of the top trending event of the year, got some rank in the top Google search, this made him the number one global trending athlete.

More of the hot topics that top Google search list are some proposed legislations, like SOPA and ACTA to regulate the Internet, and the just concluded US presidential election, the election also at its time pulled the post on Instagram, second to “Sandy” as well as political gaffes also rode to the top Google search list.

A word to part came from Singhal; “We hope you enjoy exploring what people around the world were searching for in 2012,” Singhal said of the insights posted online at google.com/zeitgeist/2012.

“It’s quite a snapshot of what makes us human: a blend of guilty pleasures and higher pursuits.”

Source: NDTV

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  1. good work bro, but do not know that how Psy’ gangnam style took the world on fire? although it’s was totally in south korean language and all the modelds are native, but it was most viewed in UK, what the heck is this?

    • Well, you know in this world, things just got trending and before you know it, people are after it, honestly I don’t know who Psy is until I saw this report, I can only boast of the “Sandy”, “Whitney” and the “London Olympics”. Thanks for coming to techatlast.

  2. I guess things or news on the internet get famous between people more by word of mouth. People keep sharing the details and information about the stuff uploaded on the internet and then people go to check it. Psy gaining so much popularity on youtube was a result of the same according to me.

    • Yes, you are right but Psy Gangnam Style man doesn’t get there much if not because Television Stations across the world like Trace, MTV base and others lends hands. Every time I turned on my TV, barely every hour, Gangnam Style will be on the playlist which is a sign that the guy has got more media coverage to convince others in researching to know more about him on Google.

      Thanks for comment Smith

  3. Great information!!! I too search for sandy storms very much as it was so horrible. Gangnam Dance is famous in all age groups. Kids can also learning steps of this dance. I also want to share that from a survey it was researched that in yahoo search engine Google is the keyword that was searched frequently and mostly.


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