Top iPhone 5 features

Top iPhone 5 Features

The new iPhone 5 is no more a rumor again because the phone in couple of hours now will be officially announced by Tim Cook at the WDDC today. To help you have the idea of what you are going to get from buying the device, I have compile the lists of the top cool features of iPhone 5 and how you can start enjoying it with step by steps information on each functions. Apart from iPhone 5 only, this article covers another areas like iPad, and some other iOS devices version. Read below to get the iPhone 5 features now.Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

Notification Center

All your alerts in one place. All in one place!

What notification messages are you expecting? Is it new email, texts, friend requests, and more Then you get them on the go with the new iPhone 5 device easily in one place. With Apple’s Notification Center, you can keep track of them all of your notifications in one convenient location on your device. Just hit down from the top of any side of the screen to enter your iPhone 5 notification center area. You also have the option of choosing the type of notifications you want to see there and those ones you don’t need. Just to keep you posted, when you get new notification, it will appear briefly at the top of your mobile phone screen, without interrupting what you are currently doing on the phone. With just a swipe, you can act on any notifications you received because Apple’s Notification Center serves as the best way to stay on top of life’s breaking news.

No more interruptions

Notifications don’t interrupt what you are doing and it disappear quickly from your phone once you sees it.

One-swipe access

Swipe down to reveal Notification Center and enjoy the features.


iPad and iPod touch join the conversation.

iMessage, is a new messaging service created by Apple for all iOS5 users. With this feature, you can send unlimited text messages via your wireless connection or 3G access from your Apple’s iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch device to anyone with any of those devices made by Apple.

By default, iMessage is built into the messaging app, so you can access it to send text messages, photos, videos, location, and your contacts on the go! You can keep some of your friends, people you want to share things with in the loop with Group Messaging.

Ability to track your messages with built-in advanced delivery receipts (known as report), and even with an on the go optional read receipts feature, that means, you can see when someone’s typing messages back to you, and also enjoy secure encryption for all text messages you send to people and those ones you are receiving. Another cool feature is, record messaging feature, you can start a conversation and quite and even later come back to the conversation with the history of the chat and other things.

Ability to send more than just a text – Send photos, videos, contacts, or locations.

See when they’re typing messages to you -Ellipsis points shows up on your device when someone’s responding.

Start here, finish there – Auto-start conversations on one iOS device and pick it up on another without stress.


A custom newsstand for all your subscriptions.

Readers are readers! That is the normal saying by the professors and others, it is true that readers do leads. With the latest iPhone 5, you can read all in one place. iOS 5 helps you organizes your magazine and newspaper application subscriptions in one News stand – the news stand is a folder that lets you access your favorite online and offline publications apps quickly and easily. The new iPhone 5 has a special place for newspapers and magazines subscriptions.


A better way to do to-dos.

If you are like me, who always busy doing one or two things and having bunch of works on my to do list, then you will find iPhone 5 important for you when it comes to adding tasks for later use.


Integrated right into the iOS 5.

iOS 5 makes it easier for you tweet from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Once you are signed in via the settings area, and then you can start to tweet directly from your Safari mobile browser, you can also tweet Photos, Camera, YouTube, or Maps.


Capture the moment at a moment’s notice without stress

Getting every moments into a notice for future references is another benefits of using the iPhone 5. That’s why you will love Apple’s new camera features in Apple iOS 5. With ease, you can access the Camera app right from the Lock screen without waiting for more time for it to load. Also, you can auto download your photos from the iCloud to the device without much stress.


Enhance photos capacity

Turn your photos and snapshots into something memorable. Add color to your photos in simple ways with the iOS5 enhanced photo editor.

Safari Web Browser

Browse while others feel it is not possible

iOS 5 adds even more advanced web surfing features to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Safari Reader is a web browser for the Apple iOS5 device, it displays web content without ads or clutter so you can read without much distractions. iPhone Reading List enables you to save interesting articles to read later, while iCloud keeps your list updated across all your devices automatically. On the other hand, iPad’s tabbed browsing helps you keep track of multiple website pages and switch between them with each site with ease. And iPhone 5 helps improves Safari web browser performance on all iOS devices.

PC Free

No need computer for your iOS5 devices

iOS 5 comes with lots of goodies! With the device, you no longer need to be with a computer before you can be able to use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch device. You can activate everything on the go and set up your device wirelessly. Ability to download apps directly to your phone and some others.

Mail Access on the Go!

You can now format your messages with advanced email format options such as, bold, italic, or underlined fonts without much coding skills. Drag and drop to rearrange names in your address fields. Flag important and confidential messages. Search in the body of all the messages if you are looking for an important email can’t find easily.


Schedule your day to day activities to manage your time successfully with the new iPhone 5. Create new calendar and have your information on the phone to remind you of it when you needed them most or when you are supposed to do the tasks.

Game Center Rocks!

iOS5 is the world’s most popular gaming platform as at this moment, even, Google android tried it but lost the battle because of the cool apps that are on iOS platform. Play the game as a real player with your own image and details as if you are doing it in the normal world with your friends. Post your own profile picture. Do more with gaming, invite your friends to play with you. Share the games you have played with your friends so that they can also play it and do more other things on the fly!

Wi-Fi Sync

If you have a shared wireless connection at your location, then, using iPhone 5 will become more easier for you than any other mobile device. You can wirelessly synchronize your iOS device to your Mac or PC over a shared Wi-Fi internet connection. See the wonder!, every time your iPhone device is connected to a power source (let’s say, overnight charging of your phone), it automatically synchronizes and backup any form of new contents on the phone to iTunes. Which will makes it easier for you to have your movie movies, TV shows, home videos, and photo albums in one single place you want them to be so as to be able to get them when you wanted to use them next time.

Multitasking Gestures for iPad

If you love to do more in a shortest possible time, then iPad with the help of iOS5 helps you multitasks in a rightful manner: Using four or five of your fingers, swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar on your iPhone 5 device easily, pinch it to return back to the Home screen easily, and swipe left or right to switch between one or two apps in a more comfortable way.

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