Top Ping List 2011 for WordPress Blog

Top Ping List 2011 for WordPress Blog

When it comes to pinging, it is the perfect way for bloggers to get their blog post crawl faster by search engine bots. If you have a ping setup for your blog, getting your post crawled and increasing your traffic will become easier. Increasing your website traffic will be easy when you started using ping list like this one we shared on this blog, techatlast and some other posts here – traffic will keeps coming to your website on regular basis.


Top Ping List 2011 – Ping Your Blog for More Traffic

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I have listed here below the Top Ping List 2011 for all wordpress blogs.

TechAtLast Home

TechAtLast Home

TechAtLast Home

TechAtLast Home

This collection of ping lists will be helpful in helping you get more traffic and subscribers on your site.





17 responses to “Top Ping List 2011 for WordPress Blog”

  1. mark Avatar

    These list are good. Thanks daniel for this post.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      You are welcome friend

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    bulk sms

    Great post, very good contents in this post. Thank you very much for sharing this post with us. Keep it up

  3. ARM training Institutes in Bangalore Avatar
    ARM training Institutes in Bangalore

    Thanks for Sharing the huge List.It will helping more for Bloggers.Keep it up.

  4. Harvey Avatar

    Shall i just copy this list into my Update Services box in my WordPress Writing settings? Cheers for the list

  5. Ysa Avatar

    Very nice list! Is it necessary to use ping your website using all of them or one is enough? I use pingomatic by the way.

  6. web directory Avatar
    web directory

    This is the huge list of ping service providers together.

  7. Jass Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this list. I have updated my list with missing ping services.

  8. Digital Agency Avatar
    Digital Agency

    Media and Blogging Tips, tech and gadget reviews as well as SEO advice they are help to use WordAds allows free WordPress hosted bloggers to earn in a CPC program

  9. Omar Avatar

    Only for wordpress blogs ?

  10. binta Avatar

    Thanks lot..

  11. vivek Avatar

    i want to know whether this is useful for blogger or not..??

  12. Digital Agency Avatar
    Digital Agency

    Which blogger u r saying?

  13. Submit Articles Avatar
    Submit Articles

    Wow.Great List of ping servers.

  14. Digital Agency Avatar
    Digital Agency

    Yes its useful but we should know more about the WordPress CMS Tools!!!

  15. Laren Avatar


    I search for website to test the servers XML-RPC to pinging. The algorithm of the website showed us little useful servers, rankings servers, good servers or redundant servers, ie, those that already exist, eg in Pingomatic.

    Does anyone have the address of this page?

    Thanks in advance

  16. Frank Avatar

    Great post.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

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