Top List of Top Technology Blogs for Guest Post and Blog Outreach

Traffic is what blogging is all about. If you’re not able to drive traffic to your blog as a blogger, getting your blog to the top of the world can be very hard unless you change your approach. Guest posting and blog commenting is one of the techniques you can use as a blogger to drive traffic to your blog if you’re really serious about what you are doing. On the internet, when it comes to blogging, technology niche is the most crowded niche ever after MMO, and what makes it that way is because getting ahead in this niche is somehow simple so far you have the right knowledge of what you are saying but that can’t be in other niche such as making money online and other hard to understand niches out there.

Since we all know that building backlinks to our blog can help us promote the blog and get it ranked well on search engines, so it is imperative for us to make sure that our websites get ranked better on search pages. And that is why I shall be sharing with you the top lists of technology blog that you can guest post for or submit comment on in order to increase your blog’s rank and some other things.

Note that this websites aren’t listed according to PR and Alexa or any other ranks. You will need to check out that information by yourself and we provide them because it will help you as a guest poster and professional blog commenter.

Lists of Top Technology Blogs You Can Guest Post and Comment on for Quality Backlinks






If you have any other technology blog you want to enter this list, you can contact me to help you out free.

Disclaimer: You should know that I didn’t personally spend more time in checking if all these websites are dofolowed or nofollowed. But the fact there is that, both tags can help you get better backlinks for your website if you do it with the aim of getting the best for your website. So, you are implored to carry out your normal research on each websites whether they are dofollow or not.

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