Top Wii Games of 2014 That Are Addictive: They are Tempting!

Nintendo Wii has been one of the best consoles in the market which has some of the best introduced for its players. After being attached to Wii for 7 years, finally Nintendo is all set to launch its latest version with Nintendo Wii U and this makes it a perfect occasion to look back and see what games were the best in its final year, which is 2014. Wii has always been considered the revolutionary console allowing both the developers and the first time gamers to get introduced to the era of gaming. Here are some top games that were played by people to enjoy their free time in a virtual world of perfection.

Top Wii Games of 2014

Top Wii Games of 2014 That You Can’t Afford Not To Play: You Can’t Just Do Without Them

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Top Wii game 2014

This is Wii’s exclusive game and also one of the reasons why many people buy Nintendo over Microsoft or Sony. This game is highly popular because of its amazing graphics and side objectives that keep you suitably engrossed in the game. With the interesting new techniques to kill enemies, the interest level only increases. You are able to control the weapons better which makes the kills easy and faster.

Just Dance

Top Wii game 2014

This one features 45 tracks for different kinds of genres. There are also new options like cardio and some popular artists like Katy Perry and LMFAO. When you finally catch on the advancing moves, the background starts to change which makes for a dynamic arcade environment. If you seek a game for workout then this one will be a good option for you.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Top Wii game 2014

The kids will love this one as there are about 70 characters and 20 levels. You can change the character as per your mood and make your game look different every time. This game is seriously engaging because of all the Lego treats that need to be found and also the secrets. The cut scenes are also fun as the kids love watching little snippets between the games.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Top Wii games 2014

Mario has been a legendary game and is the first one that we all play as we get introduced to the world of gaming. Nintendo Wii is no exception and is incomplete without the Mario games composition that it holds in its repository. Mario has to save the princess again by jumping from one galaxy to another and collecting stars along the way. There are new power ups in this version and of course the previous ones. The graphics are superb and characters have been created very nicely.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Top Wii games 2014

If you are an action game lover, COD is your go to game. This game is known for its fast paced combat and several new modes that keep the action going. There is also co-op mode available for 2 people to enjoy this game which means that you can play with a friend and double the fun. There are 16 objective missions and special ops survival mode for the players to enjoy.

Resident Evil: the Dark side Chronicles

Top Wii games 2014


The latest rendition of Resident Evil comes back with Leon Kennedy from RE 4 and Claire Redfield. This new version comes with new set of plot twists that will keep the gamers buried in the console. The veterans of resident evil, although, may not enjoy the hand camera movement which is very distracting. Overall it’s a good game, fun and engaging.

World of Goo

Top Wii games 2014

The name may sound a little weird but it does challenge your mind as well as your gaming skills. This game is physics based puzzle that includes moving around the balls of goo to create structures. The only problem with this game is that they only have 48 levels which make for a very short game play.

Rock Band 3

Top Wii games 2014

This version of Rock Band will bring you latent rock star to life. You can either play this game locally or even connect with other online players for more action. With the help of this game, you can actually build some real skills to play instruments even if you have no experience at all.  Overall, this version of Rock Band is fun and interesting to play with your friends and make some real music.





3 responses to “Top Wii Games of 2014 That Are Addictive: They are Tempting!”

  1. Kelli Avatar

    Super Mario Galaxy is awesome, Call of Duty is a good game too.

    1. FOBCourse Avatar

      I have played COD and Just Dance so many times. Love the dancing app because it fascinates your kids around me.

      Thanks for sharing the list 🙂

  2. Andrew Maclen Avatar
    Andrew Maclen

    Great list of the best Wii games of 2014. Most of Nintendo gamers would like to play such kind of superb games to get amazing gaming experience. I’ve played many of them but Resident Evil is my most favourite among them.

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