Cryptocurrency: Top 8 Women In Cryptocurrency Industry

If you look at the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies – the blockchain, you will be convinced of its much wider applications than providing a basis for cryptocurrencies. This revolutionary technology is one of the important aspects behind cryptocurrencies’ rise.

If any of the above real world, national or regional currencies starts losing its value or falls victim to currency speculators or face any other dangers, not only would the central bank which backs that currency will take action to protect it, the government of that nation too would take supportive action too.

Cryptocurrencies are not backed by any central bank, government or financial entity. In fact, and as a consequence, cryptocurrencies are viewed by governments and central banks with trepidation, scepticism and intrigue. Cryptocurrencies by their very concept are beyond the purview of traditional governmental-central bank currency framework, though not outside the economy, nor illegal.

And, of course, real-world currencies – like the US dollar, euro and so on – do have digital forms, and a whole world of encryption technology is used to protect them, but, as suggested above, they are backed by central banks, the government that regulate and control their supply and creation.

Cryptocurrencies, ultimately, do not have that sort of power behind them that the fiat currencies enjoy in terms of the institutional support. The words ‘virtual’ or ‘digital’, then, are not the key distinction between the real-world currencies backed by central banks and the decentralized cryptocurrencies that are now becoming globally popular.

Let’s think of it this way that the notes and coins we use every day started out as just paper and metal, and only had layers of protection – watermarks and so on – incorporated into them over time; cryptocurrencies emerged from a different direction – they were borne out of cryptography.

The cryptocurrency industry, powered by blockchain technology, has been dominated mostly by male while the traction of the female participants aren’t much to write home about.

Until recently, the world of technological advancements have witnessed men taking charge but some exceptional women are now challenging the status quo and same thing goes for cryptography space, hence we have some powerful women in cryptocurrency industry reshaping the way we think of it.

Now, let’s talk about the women in cryptocurrency industry and their individual impacts.

Women In Cryptocurrency: Top 8 Women In Cryptocurrency Industry

Like I said earlier on, the Cryptocurrency industry has been dominated mostly by men until just now that these top women in cryptocurrency industry started rewriting that narratives.

Checkout the most popular women in cryptocurrency industry infographic below and let us know your thoughts. Maybe someone else out there might be reading about these women in cryptocurrency exploits.

Top Women in Cryptocurrency Industry by TechAtLast Team
These are the Top Women in Cryptocurrency Industry that are supporting the innovative approach blockchain technology offers | TechAtLast Team

The following infographic was developed by our friends at, this infographic is all about the most popular Crypto Women and their contribution to this industry.


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