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A social media website which connects travelers around the world and local travel businesses, has become very popular recently. It’s a value-added platform for travel bloggers to showcase their profiles and interesting travel articles which will help other users who would like to travel to those places by providing some interesting tips.

TouristLink History

Touristlink was founded by David Urmann in 1998 and has provided valuable travel information to visitors around the world. This new social media platform is aimed at designing a centralized website which provides daily feeds of the best quality travel blogs in order to help tourists get latest travel updates and tips. Based on a recent survey, it’s estimated that 27 billion dollars is spent on tours and travelling within US alone. Most of the transactions are done offline and there is no common platform for travel agencies to sell their packages online. But provides a simple solution to this, by offering a social platform where travelers and local tour agencies can interact with each other.

Tour agencies can receive the travel requests from people around the world and they can promote their travel offers through this website.

With social media playing an important role in today’s world, provides an interesting social media platform especially for travelers and tourists around the globe. This new travel website provides users to get access to live feeds of major travel blogs in a centralized website and helps them to pick up interesting travel articles to read. This will also be helpful for travel bloggers as their articles get better exposure through this platform. It also helps them to increase traffic to their blogs as users will be directed to their blogs when they click on the travel article links and targeted reviews. is dedicated entirely to the travel community and is first of its kind social media platform which brings together travel businesses like restaurants, travel agencies, tour guides, tourists and travel bloggers for sharing useful travel tips to readers around the world.touristlink a stop over for the world best travel bloggers

The system highlights the profiles of travel bloggers which gives increased exposure to their travel articles. It’s very helpful for readers who are not aware of popular travel blogs through which they might get useful travel information.

Travel bloggers won’t be able to instantly sign up and promote their blogs directly. They can set up a travel blog profile only if they receive the invite from the system which is issued based on blog quality. As a blogger, you can share favorite destinations with friends around the world, important tourist places to be visited in your neighborhood and useful guidelines for tourists. If you are planning to visit a new place and need some information about it, then you can post a query in which will be replied by the travel bloggers and other users who have visited that place.

You can plan your tour itinerary and make ticket reservations based on the tips and instructions you get from the travel experts than paying to random travel agents who will just up sell a holiday package to you without giving you the right information.

Every travel destination inside Touristlink database has a “Claim this page” button which allows business owners to get notifications when visitors make any travel requests for that particular destination. They can promote their travel deals and tour packages based on request received from users.

Once a tour agency or local business owner claims the page, the Claim this page link will get replaced by a link to profile of the owner who can manage what attributes are to be listed in that page.

Travelers get the benefit of obtaining all useful information related to travel under a single website. They can search for hotels, recreation spots, cheap travel deals, Events, Nightlife information, Airports, Bus stations and all travel information under a single site without having to visit separate websites for getting each information.

All in all, Touristlink has all that it takes to become the de-facto social network for travelers across the globe.

What can you say about TouristLink? Have your ever visited the site before, what were your experiences like? Please share your views with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Great one, am sure this would be beneficial to travellers alike. But why would they base it base on blog quality it kinda skeptical that they would’nt accept the average jol.


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