Toyota vs. Australia 2017 – A Spelling Doom

“We did many things that we could to transform , but the reality still remains that there are too many actors beyond our control that makes it unviable to build cars in Australia.” Toyota Australia CEO Max Yasuda said on monday.

This is evident enough to know how difficult it is to keep up building and investing in a country without making any gains due to some crisis in the country which the government pay less attention to correct. Putting all the factors in consideration, anyone could reasons why they keep up building in Australia. the factors they listed include, high cost of dollars, high cost of manufacturing and lots of challenges in the country.

Toyota to close Australia manufacturing plants

They have resolved to stop building in Australia come the end of 2017. However, following this resume, other auto manufacturing car companies also resolved building cars in Australia too. General Motors Co. announced that it would also stop its manufacturing in Australia in 2017. Ford Motor Co. also announced it would stop production in May 2016 in Australia.

If these actions should take place, about 2,500 jobs and more would be lost and this would lead people to join illegal practises that will do them and the country more harm than good.

This action, when implemented would spell a doom on the country’s economy and also to other manufacturing companies available in the country. when all car companies are all complaining about the high cost of production and the slim chances of growing financially.

In another development, according SMH report, it clearly shows that Toyota’s decision to stop producing from Australia emanated from its employees’ refusal to accept pay-cut proposed by the company towards the end of last year.

The government of Australia should sit down and think of the right thing to do in order to help curb unemployment in the country at large.

When and if these companies should go ahead with what they have said, it would be hard for Australia to still stand strong economic wise in the business world as one of the leading nations of the world.

We can only hope for the best.






2 responses to “Toyota vs. Australia 2017 – A Spelling Doom”

  1. Adesola Avatar

    Hey Ruth great article! This will continue to bring about problems for Australia and they’ve been in decline for so long. They should start building cars like this there

    That’s my opinion 🙂 Thanks for another good article.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thanks Adesola for the wonderful contribution. Nice seeing you around. 🙂

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