How to Troubleshoot Wireless Router Problems

Problems related to Wireless routers can be really frustrating for a user. There are few tips which can help you overcome issues related to Wi-Fi. Most of us think about replacing our routers with a new one but the old router may be functioning properly and might require only small fixes which can help resolve its issues. There is nothing like a good or a bad router. The difference lies in knowing how to fix the problems in bad router. If you are using internet for a long time and using the same router then you need to be aware about how to resolve issues related to router. You may feel it is an uphill task but it is actually quite easier to solve issues related to routers. Routers are an expensive device and involve a lot of money in replacing it with new one unless ISP provider takes it guarantee. However there are some of the few tips which help you overcome common Wireless router problems.

Steps to Troubleshoot and Correct Wireless Router Problems

Wireless Router Problems troubleshooting
Wireless Router Problems Troubleshooting Techniques | CC: TechAtLast Media LLC.

Resolve Router slowness during hot day

Most of the routers are accessible at 2.5 GHz internet frequency and so does the most of the cordless phones and other electronic devices. There are three channels at which routers work. If you want, you can modify the channel at which router operate. This can be performed by choosing the router configuration and modifying the set up controls. It is a known fact that router configuration are accessible through its default IP address. The default IP address generally for a router device is IP address. If you are living in a metropolitan area then this is quite possible that your router device connection could be slow. You can easily change the router channels and see if the new configuration works. In order to save or reload the configuration, then you need to manually restart the modem in order to save the changes.

Upgrade your router firmware

Another thing which you can try to do is upgrade the firmware of your router. The procedure to perform the changes is quite simple. All you need to do is open the default IP address of your router and click on firmware upgrade (if available). The tool helps you keep the router to the latest version and also allows you compare it with the new version. Once you have downloaded and installed the firmware on your system then you need to setup the utility software in order to proceed with the changes.

Lost your passphrase and not able to access the router features

If you are having issues with the passphrase of your router, then you need to a reset the device to its default settings again. Most of the routers available in the market are having a reset button available at the back of the device. In case the device is showing red then you need to change or modify the settings by changing its setting to factory settings. The downside of this is that you may not have saved the manual settings done before then you will not be able to restore the settings. However the router passphrase can easily be restored using this procedure.  Make sure that you keep the username and password easier without changing the settings drastically or keeping them saved in a separate notepad in your system.

Router consuming lot of energy and Power

Another common problem face by most people is that the router is consuming a lot of power or memory. In such cases, it is advisable to use the router efficiently by keeping it shut down when you are not working and keep a check on how many devices it can support. Some of the routers only configured to support multiple devices. This becomes quite difficult for users to connect more than supported devices. Therefore it is important that you keep a check on how many devices you are connecting and how many are supported.

No Internet connectivity or Wi-Fi not accessible

Most of the times users face a lot of issues with internet connectivity or Wi-Fi is not accessible using router. In such situations, you can simply restart your modem device or try to give a cold reboot to device in order to restore connectivity.

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