How to Troubleshoot YouTube Videos Are Not Playing Issue

If you have smartphone or computer that is not playing youtube videos, we have covered in this article step by step guide to fix the issue.

Sometimes, when you open YouTube to play and watch videos, you may face different kinds of issues like YouTube black screen, Not Playing Youtube video, YouTube won’t play, YouTube green screen and YouTube videos not loading, etc; these issues will stop you from watching YouTube videos successfully. But how can you fix it?

How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing Issue
As the #1 Video search engine all over the world, you can’t ignore the massive impact Youtube is having on people. From tutorials to comedy and other entertainments, we can’t just get enough of it. But there’s a challenge, inability to play videos.

There can be so many reasons/issues behind YouTube videos won’t play error that prevents YouTube videos from playing such as computer issues, mobile issues, internet issues or browser issues, etc. So, if you’re facing difficulties in playing videos on the ‘YouTube platform’ then, it is suggested you can perform the basic troubleshooting tips to eradicate this ‘YouTube won’t play’ error easily.

Therefore, here’re the basic troubleshooting ways to fix the above-mentioned reasons/issues behind “YouTube Videos Won’t Play” error:

  • Internet issues: To fix it, check the Internet Connection and if it’s slow, you can try to lower the YouTube video quality before playing it. Other than that, try connecting with another Internet Connection or fix the local networking problem by reconnecting back your modem and Wi-Fi router
  • Browser issues: To solve it, restart or refresh the browser page, clear the browsing history and cache, etc. Also, if required update the browser or disable extensions from settings in order to play YouTube videos smoothly.
  • Computer issues: To resolve many computer problems, give a quick reboot to your system or update your operating system with the latest update.
  • Mobile issues: To eradicate mobile issues, clear the cache data of your YouTube app and then open it again. Also, if needed, uninstalls the app from your mobile and then download as well as install it again on your device to play YouTube videos effectively.

Now, as you know all the basic fixes to bring your YouTube back to normal again, but there are also some users who are still unable to fix YouTube not playing error. So, in this case, try the other ways that are below-given to resolve the YouTube error:

Modify the YouTube Videos Quality:

  • To do so, you have to click on the ‘Gear Icon’ that is there at the bottom of the YouTube video.
  • After clicking that, a menu will pop-out in front of you, and from that you have to click on the ‘Quality’ option.
  • Then, from all the available options of the YouTube video quality, select the smallest number of quality values.
  • Now, try to play the YouTube video, if it loads successfully then you can even raise its quality a little higher until and unless you figure-out the highest quality which your internet network can stream easily.
How to Troubleshoot YouTube Videos Are Not Playing Issue
To watch your favorite Youtube channel, you will need a good internet connection. But in a situation where Youtube videos are not playing, what do you do?

Check YouTube-Server:

Many a time, YouTube platform server issues also lead to YouTube videos not playing error. Therefore, in this case, use the online detector service to check whether the server is down for everyone or just for you.

  • To do so, you can try the following services:
    • Down Detector
    • Is It Down Right Now
    • Down For Everyone Or Just Me
    • Outage Report
  • Then, directly go to the search bar of these services, and then type ‘YouTube.’
  • That’s it! Now, the website will provide you the server report of YouTube with the help of which you can find out that server is down for everybody, or is it just for you.
  • If it is for everybody, then you have to just wait until it rectifies from the YouTube side only.

Download the YouTube videos directly on your mobile device or computer system:

If still the issue is not resolved then why not simply download and save the YouTube videos to your mobile or to your computer system in order to watch them anytime, anywhere without the Internet connection.

To do so, download a YouTube downloader such as a ‘MiniTool uTube Downloader’ which is a free utility tool with which you can download the YouTube videos that you need to watch. Not only that but, with this tool you can download the video in different types such as:

  • YouTube to MP4
  • YouTube to MP3
  • YouTube to WebM
  • YouTube to FLAC, etc

After completing the installation process of this software on your device, you can access its main interface which is very similar to the YouTube interface that means you will not face any difficulty in using it.

  • Now, to download a YouTube video, sign in with your Google account and search for the one using this software’s search bar.
  • Then, once the video opens, simply click on the ‘Download’ button to download the YouTube video which you want to watch. Also, make sure to select the video quality before downloading it into your computer.
  • That’s it! Now, go to the downloaded YouTube videos folder to watch YouTube videos easily.

However, if then also, you’re unable to resolve the issue then take help from some technical site like GetAssist in this matter as their technical team will definitely help you with all your technical queries.





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  1. Chase Avatar

    Ugh! Always seems to be either my wifi no working or my phone data slowing down. This is a good read. Good info.

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    Stanley D’souza

    This has the list for obvious reasons to not have the YouTube video playing. It has actually details like most of us don’t know.

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    really useful posting and help for us.

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    I always encounter this issue in YouTube, either my internet or mobile causes it.

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