Nokia Planning True PureView Windows Phone to release later in 2013

At the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in 2012, the Nokia 808 Pureview was arguably the most rated phone, except for the Symbian Operating System Nokia has made on this device. The mobile phone unboxed with a whooping of 41 MP camera, which made the phone able to capture exceptionally clear and crisp photos. This was a fascinating experience for people, but the Symbian was not just worthy of this, and a quest for the True PureView Windows Phone via the Lumia line up.

True PureView Windows Phone

The PureView is yet to hit Windows Phone, Nokia tried incorporate it on the Lumia 920 claiming it had added camera stabilizing features to reduce the on hand-shake induced blur, but the sensor in the 808 PureView was not found anywhere in the device.

The story could change this 2013 as the Finnish manufacturer is planning a “True PureView Windows Phone” and currently, it is codenamed “EOS” proposed to unbox with a similar sensor like that on the 808 PurView.

As the report we got from the Verge wrote; the EOS smartphone will be a high-end Lumia series for this year and instead of polycarbon, will be clad in aluminium which Nokia uses for its high-end Lumia phones. Nokia had earlier planned to shift from plastic to lightweight aluminium for a forthcoming high end Lumia phones, now the EOS True PureView Windows Phone is apparently one of the three devices being reported about, the rumored Lumia 920 replacement (Catwalk) being the second and a mid-range Nokia smartphone expected in the early summer is the third.

True PureView Windows Phone

The True PureView Windows Phone EOS will be a range on AT&T and will come with a new look featuring square edges in the aluminum body.

Nokia is yet to release a comment on the devices on rumor. As a spokesman said “Nokia doesn’t respond to rumors and speculations.”

Finally, apart from the True PureView Windows Phone, other rumors are saying that Nokia will be making its own Windows RT tablet, and is expected to debut early this year. Nokia has been an early pioneer of Internet tablets since 2006, the device ran on a form of Linux. Nokia is also one of the late phone makers to offer a tablet. Above all, Nokia is yet to comment on all the above listed issues.

Image: TechCrunch and Flickr

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  1. As much respect as I have for Nokia, I just don’t see how they’ll be able to compete with phones like the iPhone and many of Samsung’s latest releases like the Galaxy Note. It’ll certainly be interesting to see where it goes though.

    • Nokia strive for survival, but at the same, they could ride through the Windows platform to rise to the top. No one can say, they could stand a chance of competition tomorrow. Thanks for commenting.

  2. To be quite honest, I think that the Windows phone has the best UI because it’s so sleek and appealing to the eye. Hopefully the new pureview phone will continue to appreciate this in its UI.

  3. I guess Nokia has made a powerful comeback after it launched several Lumia phones that support Windows 8. I can now trust Nokia for its other new launches and know that they will prove themselves in the cellular device market. They yet have to face a lot of strong contenders but Nokia is slowly proving its worth.

    • Nokia is a big brand especially in Africa market if not for Chinese brands impulse into the continent and other part of the world. But I believe Nokia is getting it right once again… 🙂

  4. A windows phone 8 with a 41 mp camera and an aluminium design. if they do that and also make it thin ,gone will be the days of iphone lol. what is “true PureView”? Last time I checked PureView was about getting the best pictures, not megapixels.

  5. Class-leading camera combined with a decent OS going to be a good phone but Samsumg, iphone i5s all these are coming in the market too, hope the price going to be pretty decent comparatively.

    • Nokia products are always comparatively affordable despite the features, the problem with the iPhone is that it has gotten an established brand to sell, I believe with the Windows Phone on Nokia alongside with fascinating features such as the big camera pixels, Nokia could route the market well, but may not be upto the iPhones and Samsung, especially the Galaxy S III.


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