Twitter-enhanced Firefox 8 officially available, Android version updated

Though, there was a slight mistakes on the side of those who are watching FTP servers of Mozilla when the new release of the software was unexpectedly leaked to the internet. This lead many people to start downloading the copy of the browser via the internet hotlink even when it remains about some hours for the Mozilla to officially announced it for usage. Immediately the news got to the Mozilla team, they warned users not to download any file from the FTP until when they finally release it.firefox 8 released

But, above all the incidents that occur pertaining to the unexpected leak in the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox 8, Mozilla has now officially announced that its new product, Firefox 8 is officially available for Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

The big additional benefits and unusual among the previous builds is that this new one has an in-built support for Twitter as a search engine option. That means, users can now search for profiles, activities and places or hastags or even usernames on the main search box without hassle. User will also get usual raft of performance and better security improvements. There is a new way to manage add-0ns and tabs so as to make firefox faster. Accompany the new version of Firefox is a new version of Firefox for Android, which includes a new password manager, and the ability to add home screen icons for bookmarked pages or web apps.

Source: Engadget

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