Top 5 Twitter Photo Sharing Tips

Twitter has been increasingly used to share ideas, views, experiences and even photos to other people included in your Twitter world. However, Twitter has limitations in sharing photos because it does not allow creation of albums like that in Facebook or MixBook that allows you to upload several photos at a time. In addition, your Twitter followers would want to see relevant photos of yours so you don’t just have to share all photos you have. Because of this, you must be able to choose photos that you will share using Twitter.

In line with this, here are the top 5 twitter photo sharing tips on Twitter:

Choose your Photos

You have to be picky in the photos you will share in Twitter. Choose those that says something about you so you’re followers will get an idea on who you are and also on what you do. This should be surrounded by a theme and a caption that truly describes the photo. Your goal is to share something that your followers may be interested or else you get to be unfollowed by bored individuals or get unfavorable comments from your photos. In addition, the Twitter gallery only allows you to store 100 most recent imagesso you may want to keep it full of meaningful photos. Twitter allows you to upload up to 3MB of photos and allows various file types such as .png, .jpeg and .gif. Never upload photos in .tiff, bmp and .gif formats.

Twitter Photo Sharing tips
Twitter Photo Sharing tips

Say something through your photos

Twitter is a social network site that allows you to share anything with people. However if you do a lot, you may end up in the list of spammers. So to prevent his, only share photos that say something about you and don’t overdo it.

Have eye-catching effects on your images

To get the attention of your followers, you have to share pictures that are very eye-catching. Use photo editing apps such as


, BeFunky, Pinnacle and Hispstamatic. Your photos in Twitter is just another way of tweeting so you must be able to make the most out of your photos by editing them.

Add #hashtags

Hashtags make it easier for other people to discover or search your posts. Twitter has a special service, which is Hashalbum that scans Twitter for photos and sorts them into albums according to the #hashtags you use. When you add hashtags in your photos, you are able to share your photos to other people with the same topic of interest.

Add location

Adding locations in your photos makes your Twitter photos searchable in terms of location. If you add locations in your photos, it becomes a better experience for you and your followers. Since Twitter does not include photo sharing features, you may choose from a variety of photo sharing apps or tools to help you share you photos in Twitter. Make sure to follow the above tips to make tweeting a better experience in sharing your life.

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