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3 Types of Internet Connections and Their Usefulness

Starting or running an online business rest solely on one major factor, internet accessibility! Without a reliable and fast internet connection, you can’t excel in your service delivery. There are three types of internet connections method; some are for mobile phones while others are for both mobile phones and computers.

So, in this article, we will be sharing the top 3 types of internet connections and their usefulness.

3 Types of Internet Connections

Types of Internet Connections and Uses
These three types of internet connections have stood the test of time, providing internet solutions to mobile phones while at the same time servicing computers and smart device owners around the world.

1. WAP

Wireless Application Protocol WAP i

The WAP is an abbreviation for ‘Wireless Application Protocol’ is one of the types of internet connections that allows mobile phones to connect to the internet. It is another form of internet connectivity that can be likened to the GPRS internet connection. They both share similar traits except for the fact that a GPRS connection can be useful when connecting to the internet via a computer unlike it is with WAP. This is a totally mobile internet method which means that you can only use it on your mobile phone and you can’t use it with a computer.

The connection is very slow when compared to the other two forms of internet access mentioned in this article. Only mobile browser enabled phones can use this connection. Connection can be activated by using the phone line to dial a connection via the phone connection’ signal before the user can then be able to access the net. It is classified among the second generation internet connection method.


The GPRS internet connection method is known as a type of internet connection that which you can use to connect to the internet via your mobile phone network. You can’t go beyond the connection’s signal capacity which you can do in other types of internet connection methods. GPRS internet access is a second-generation connection method known as 2G. As much as it has its ups, there are limitations that accompany it.

The connection is fast in speed but very low when compared to the speed you can get from a broadband internet connection (the third-generation internet access).

GPRS internet connection can work both on a phone and a computer system. Just like I said above, you will need to dial the connection from your mobile phone in order to connect to the internet with this type of connection. In most cases, people use PC suites or Bluetooth to set up a connection link between the phone and the computer in order to access the internet through this method.

Of all the three types of internet connections discussed in this article, this one can disconnect at any point in time without notice, especially when there is no signal in the area, but a broadband internet connection can’t.

3. New Generation Internet Connections (3G and 4G)

Newer generation internet connection methods are known as the most reliable and fastest mode of accessing the internet. When we are talking of newer generations of internet connection, we are referring to 3G and 4G broadband internet connection methods.

A 3G broadband internet connection is known as the fastest internet connection until the time 4G internet connection method was announced to be in the making and when it finally released for everybody to be using it worldwide, it will become the fastest internet connection with the speed which is said to be in form of 100mbps which none of the formal internet connection are able to offer.

4G internet access is the best and the fastest means of accessing the internet as of now and it is far better than a 3G internet connection and even all other forms of internet access.

These three types of internet connection methods have stood the test of time, providing internet solutions to mobile phones while at the same time servicing computers and smart device owners.

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