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WordPress is a content management system that many bloggers these days are using to build their websites. Being on wordpress has a lot of benefits to your website performance in search engines and for authority purposes.

On the internet as at today,many people don’t know how to better use WP to build and administer their websites due to low level of understanding of the platform – installing plugins, downloading and installing new themes, managing sites preferences and others are challenges on their path for many aspiring bloggers. And in the process, they get tired because of the challenges of getting a good-looking website built is affecting them. Even in most cases, many aspiring bloggers, settle for blogger.com instead, because its simple to use and their inability to use WordPress but, few of these people knew nothing about how Ucoz help people create free website online.

uCoz website builder review

It is a perfect website builder of the 20th centuries and beyond.

Apart from using wordpress, or blogger to build your website and managing it, there are some other things you can’t do that are available on Ucoz which in most cases not that possible with any other platforms I have mentioned above and even others I haven’t mention.

If you are looking for ways to create a free website, or you are searching for a free website maker or just want to know the next-to-use website maker that will give you the best result you want. Or even if you are earnestly searching for the best free website hosting company that can help you host your website without you paying a dime, then Ucoz fills the gap!

When it comes to free website design, and building a website from scratch with little coding knowledge, choosing Ucoz above any other platforms will be your best choice ever. You don’t need to search on Google search page for ways to build your website, or create your own website anymore since you have a perfect system has been put in place for you to use.

Everyone, as a blogger or an aspiring blogger or a business man aims is to have a good-looking and perfectly designed website for  better conversion rate, no ones can go for a website that is of low standard except if the person is not aiming at getting the best of his/her business.

Some people even go further to install forums and web portal on their website in order to satisfy their readers but most of these features cannot be easily integrate into a WP and blogger websites except you have to do a lot of coding and some other things of such.

These days, website readers now use your website design to clarify how you value your business and if you don’t use the best design, chances are that, you may lose the market as fast as possible to your next neighbor website that can satisfy them with what they need.

To me, Ucoz is a universal content management system ever seen on the internet since, better than weebly. No other platform can give you all you want like this website, you can design forums

Basic truth about Ucoz since its existence.

This is Why You Need to Use UCOZ!

  • Over 1 Million Users Already (and still counting) It is a website builder that has been used to build over 1 million different websites (personal blog and business websites), and forums on the internet within the span of five years. In Ucoz database, there are over 1 million websites already registered, both online forums, blogs and personal website, chat rooms, web portal, and some others.
  • Better Experience of the market Ucoz has been in existence for the past five years, and that alone gave the Ucoz team more power to penetrate the world of internet website designs and management and become the best among those that offers the best service.
  • 100% Server’s Uptime When it comes to server uptime, Ucoz is the best! Your website is always online every minute, every hour, and every day. You don’t have to worry much whether your website will go offline or not since there’s a system in place to help you take care of your website server.
  • Universal Language Integration Both WordPress and Blogger is a platform you can only access in the default language, English, though, you can also get your website in other languages if you install some third party plugins, or if you know much about coding language. However, with Ucoz, you don’t have to worry, since it has 13 languages integrated by default and more are still coming. The 13 official languages that you can get on Ucoz are the most popular languages like, French, English, Ukrainian, Spanish and some others.
  • Search Engine Optimization Enabled One of the main aim of all website owners is to get as many people to visit their website on daily basis, so do I am! Google and some other search engines are the most preferred mode of getting good traffic to one’s website. You can’t get good traffic if you don’t have a search engine friendly website. Ucoz offers you advanced website designed basically for search engines.
  • Better Optimized Templates Just like what I have said earlier on about search engine benefits you can get on a website designed and hosted by Ucoz, there are more other benefits like fine looking templates that are next to none! There is nowhere where you can get something of such online unless if you want to design it yourself and even by that, you will need to spend more time in coding and some others. If you are using Ucoz, you are entitled to all the 250 default templates that is on the platform free of charge. No stress, no hassle!
  • Advanced Widget –Modules serves just like a widget on WP and blogger hosted blogs. Likewise, you can use modules to arrange your website or forums easily on Ucoz.
  • Perfect Website Editor (Nice CPANEL) You can change how your website look easily. Change your header image, change your widget and sidebar easily. You can also add new widget and remove on the go easily! Another thing you can do is that, you can change the colour of your website with the editor. If you also have some coding knowledge, there’s an option for you to customize your site in your own taste with the advance CSS feature. Everything depends on you and you can remove and add. It is WYSIWYG platform.
  • Web-based Email, Adjust MX records If your company or business requires an email address, then, Ucoz offers you free web based email account on your hosting account. You can also adjust your website MX records on the go!
  • Ability to Backup Your Data For someone like me, I love to change things, even US president, Barrack Obama, only uses this theme for his campaign because he knew that people want a change. You can mess things up when you are changing something in your website and reach a stage where you may not know when next to turn to, but, you can get the  solution to your problem by reverting to the previous settings easily with your backup data. Also, it is not good for someone not to embrace change in this advanced technology life. One thing I have come to realize about Ucoz, which I love most is the ability to backup your website with single click. You don’t have to worry yourself installing plugins to backup your website like people normally do on WordPress hosted blogs and some others.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth What you can get on Ucoz is more than what you can get from any other web hosting services anywhere. You can do all what you want on Ucoz easily since the site server limit is unlimited.
  • Advanced Content Management System Ucoz is a WYSIWYG platform (what you see is what you get). You don’t need to worry yourself about how your website looks sicne you can do and undo on your website easily. What you entered into your site content area will be the result it will show to the real world in general. All youn have to do, is to put the best form of contents and others on your blog and start to enjoy!

Other Features

  • Ability to use addon domains
  • Website stats on the go
  • Affiliate program to help you make money online.
  • Friendly community
  • Powerful tutorial for better understanding such as manuals, technical support for site performance and maintenance
  • Different website servers in different locations – You can get ucoz.net, ucoz.hu, m1.ru, clan.su, moy.su, do.am, ucoz.ae, ucoz.org, ucoz.ru, ucoz.de, ucoz.ua, ucoz.co.uk, ucoz.kz, ucoz.lv, at.ua, 3dn.ru, and ucoz.es.

Hope you understand the benefits of using Ucoz. You can get all what you want from the service by joining the team. Share your comment below about what you have experience with the service in case you have used it before or if you have had any bad experience with some other content management services before.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Olawale Daniel

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