3 Ultimate Factors That Affect Your High Speed Internet Connection Performance

Your high speed internet connection will only work better when there are no problems hindering its performance. Having a problem-free internet connection performance is achievable if only you know how to optimize your connection. If you want to access the internet and your internet connection is working at a snail speed, you will certainly get annoyed and the negative experience get from this can also make someone to loose hope in that particular internet connection method.

Today, we are going to be talking about different factors that can affect your internet connection performance and possible ways of solving these problems easily. So, here below are the three different possible factors that can affect your internet connection performance over the time.

4G internet connection performance
There is a huge difference between 3G internet and 4G internet connection performance. They aren’t on the same level.

Location of Your ISP

The location of your internet connection service provider has a lot to do with your internet connection performance. If your ISP service provider location is far away from where you are accessing the internet from, you will certainly experience slow internet connection. The rate at which you will be able to access the internet from a particular location can be different from how you can access it from a place closer to your internet service provider’s network service. You can only enjoy your internet connectivity if you are located in a place closer to your internet service provider’s connection base.

Location of the website you’re trying to access

Your internet connection performance can be determined by the location of the website you’re browsing through. Most big website on the internet have different mirror servers which you can make use of instead of having trouble accessing the main site. Many website at times has different servers in different countries, if you are accessing a website and you notice that you cant access it efficiently, you should contact the administrator of the site to know if they have a mirror version if the site in your country or in a place closer to your location, e.g. you may have difficulties in accessing yahoo.co.uk while you’re in Canada which supposes to be yahoo.ca, but once you can locate the next servers that is closer to your location it will be easier for your to access the site with the full features.
To resolve this, you can contact the administrator of the website you find it difficult to access about the problem and ask if there’s a possible solution to it and also you can make use of internet anonymity software that can help you in accessing website that is too far from you with a dedicated server that’s present in that country, a great example of this is your-freedom software. It has over 20 different servers in different countries throughout the world.

Limitation of your Internet Data Transfer

If your ISP company puts limits on your internet connection data transfer rate, you may find it very difficult to access the internet or a particular website at a particular time because of limitation that’s on your internet connection package. At times, some ISPs companies limits the kind of websites that you can visit with their service by filtering your internet browsing transfer making it difficult for your to access a particular website at a given time.

All the above mentioned points are factors which can affects your internet connection performance and you need to take not of this so that you can enjoy your internet connection.

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