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Unbelievable Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet

Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet

Amazing things are happening in every seconds on the internet and no one could ever imagine these things can happen within such duration!

Within 60 seconds, there are over 695,000 Facebook status updates, and imagine how many of them at the end of the day (24 hrs x every seconds throughout that day)! That means, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is doing a great job in making sure that the site becomes available for users every minutes and seconds. The following infographics shows many of other incredible things that usually happen in a matter of 60 seconds everyday.

Apart from that, over 450 Windows 7 CDs are being sold, 12 websites on the internet are being hacked by hackers, 232 computers got infected with viruses, malware and trojans, there are over 950 sales recorded on eBay.

According to the infographics; 18 Amazon Kindle Fire is sold every minute, there are more than 10 million conversations on instant messengers, 103 blackberry sold, at least 11 Xbox 360 consoles sold, 4,000 USB devices sold, and last and not the least, $75, 000 added to the Google revenues and many more others.

I know that you’ll find this infographics interesting and informative, and if yes, kindly share with your friends and loved ones to learn about some incredible things, or should I say unbelievable things that happen in every 60 seconds? Anyway, share and read and learn.

Unbelievable Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet
Unbelievable and Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet

(via Barry Ritholtz)

Olawale Danielhttps://olawaledaniel.com/
Olawale Daniel is a business builder and psychologist, a network marketing professional, a world-class motivational speaker, a successful internet entrepreneur and a digital media strategist interested in all things mobile and digital — start-ups, media, branding. He started TechAtLast back in 2010 as a platform to quench his thirst for latest technologies. As a motivational speaker and author, Olawale has published several motivational and personal development books and he's currently working on "SUCCESS AHEAD - Don't Quit" which is billed to hit the stand by Q4 of the year. He writes regularly on his personal website on motivation and personal lifestyle and tips for network marketing success, OlawaleDaniel.com. His latest book on How to Sponsor More People in Your Network Marketing Business is still one of the best sellers in its category. He's presently working as a Health and Wellness consultant at BURN SLIM TRIM Inc., a firm that helps people regain their perfect lifestyle through state-of-the-art recent discoveries way back from nature. He's also the brain behind FOBCourse, a business university for startup entrepreneurs in Africa.

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  1. $75, 000 added to the Google revenues! Awesome. That is how fast money can be made online. Internet business fetches when done well.

  2. I have to agree with you all the way on this. We are definitely due for a disaster in the future. I just hope it is not a bad one.

  3. Things are happening in 60 seconds on the internet. You can be updated to Global and Local News, entertainment update, sportsupdate and weather update. What else? Im thankful to have internet connection because it make work easily and not left behind in latest issues and updates.

  4. Hi,

    This post is a really worth for readers and the info graphic shows the world doing on in 60 seconds and most interesting thing is that infographic is that it take complete 60 sec to overview. 🙂

    I have just bookmarked your website and its now in my favorite list.


    Amelie Wakelin

  5. There are over 1billion people use internet daily, so the are really millions happening in every second in the internet. Thanks for sharing!


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