How To Unlock Your Modem Online Free (Updated Version)

How To Unlock Your Modem Online Freely

Your internet browsing modem is by default programmed to work with your Internet service provider’s network and you may find it very difficult in accessing the internet when your ISP company’s network experience errors and this will prevent you from accessing the internet with other internet connection method such as changing from one ISP to another but this can’t work if you don’t change the settings of your internet modem.

Your internet connection modem is locked from your internet service provider and you can only use it with another connection once you unlock it but, getting to know where to unlock your internet connection modem is the problem that many internet users faces on daily basis and the amount of money some companies asks before they can give your this service makes it more harder for you, but that will be a story very soon.

To unlock internet connection modem, you need to visit this website and enter your emei number and click the calculate button and there you go.

Please not that you can get your huawei modem IMEI number right on the side of the modem… Turn it aside and you’ll see it there  but if you don’t you can check your modem pack (the wrapper that came with your modem or the box that it’s inside of when you bought it).

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