Untiny URL: How to Show the Original Link Hiding Behind a Shorten URL

Reveal Hidden Links Behind a Shorten URL

Shortening URL make a website links to become easy to read and to make it easier for sharing on social media sites without much hassle because of the short name that was given to the link after you have shorten it. But, shortening a URL makes the original link becomes invisible to you which is not good because some website normally have bad content and trojans on their pages and that can affect your computer and even your online accounts if you don’t know the link from the first instance.

If you want to know the other URL that is hiding behind a shorten URL of a page that is showing on website pages or on twitter and other sites.  This post will help you a lot in knowing how to do it.

You can’t do affiliate marketing without knowing how to shorten your promotion links because it will make people to edit your referer links and put theirs there but when you use the services like tinyurl, yrn.me and some others like bit.ly to short the links, it will become hiding for people to know the site you are promotion and that will make you to get them to visit your affiliate sales page. So to do this, follow the tips and information that are listed below to know how to do that:

Point your website browser to Untiny, and then enter the URL of the site or the affiliate links that you wanted to check (a shorten URL).

After you have done that, then click on Extract and then, you will see the original link of the shorten URL so that you can make changes and verification to it before visiting the site.

This is a nice information from my friend, Osho from Computer Tricks, a website that helps you in getting latest tricks and tips to apply to your computer and internet profile for free. You can go over to his blog to learn more.

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