Update: Download iTunes 10.5.3 for Mac and Windows

Apple Inc. has announced the release of its iTunes 10.5.3 software for Windows and the Mac. This new update comes with support for the iBooks 2. You can now use the new updated version of iTunes to synchronize interactive iBooks textbooks directly to your iPad device. I think you know that you can purchase the iBooks textbooks from the iBookstore – it is available in the iBooks 2 on iPad or better still , you can purchase from the iTunes Store on your Mac. The author of the iBooks has created an iBooks textbooks. And you can get iBooks textbooks from the Mac App Store free of charge.

The size of the latest iTunes 10.5.3 is 102.15 MB on Mac. For the 64-bit Windows, the current size of iTunes 10.5.3 is 67.98 MB and for a 32-bit Windows – the current size of the iTunes 10.5.3 is 66.11 MB.

If you are to enjoy all the features of the iTunes 10.5.3 – you’ve to download and install iTunes 10.5.3 on your computer.It is safe for jailbroken iOS device as well. And you can download it for both Windows and Mac from the Apple’s website or via the Software Update. You can download iTunes 10.5.3 by clicking here for both Mac and Windows from the iTunes page of Apple. Click here to get see more information on the security content of this new update.

Apple Inc., has also released iTunes 10.5.2 for both Windows and Mac OS which will brings several improvements and fixes for iTunes Match. The function of the iTunes Match is by allowing you to synchronize your local music collection with the iCloud without uploading, so that they can then listen to their favorite music from any part of the world right on their iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and the Apple TV.

iTunes Match speeds up the synchronization process and it will save precious bandwidth instead of doing it all the same at the next time. But you’ll have to pay a $25 per year subscription for up to 25,000 songs in order to use iTunes Match service.


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