Verizon Offers Prepaid Contracts for 3G Smartphone Users

Verizon announces pay-as-you-go plans for 3G users

As all smart phone users know how much it cost to pay monthly bills, it is imperative for every smartphone users to devise a means to prevent excessive contract charges. Although this seems uneasy but user could still be able to reduce overall phone bills at the end of the month if the person decide to use lesser features.

But that isn’t possible with contract plans…because you can only subscribe for certain features per month — and whether you use the service or not has nothing to do with your service provider. They’ll charge you for the service!Verizon offered pay as you go contracts

However, Verizon Wireless, in its bid to help users get the best of its services has announced two prepaid plans for users on budget.

Verizon Wireless took this step to help users save on cost for both subscriptions and other phone related bills.

The two pay-as-you-go plans are available for various 3G network powered smartphones running the RIM’s blackberry OS, Apple iOS and Android operating systems  — the plans include texts and talk time.

The pay-as-you-go offers include two different internet data plans:

  1. 500 MB of net data goes for $60 and
  2. 2GB internet data transfer goes for $70.

Meanwhile, these price options couldn’t be compared to T-Mobile’s offer of $30 for an “unlimited data connection on 3G,” although it has informed users in its policy that it will disable user immediately after they go over 5GB monthly usage.

In another recap, T-Mobile’s 3G network is even better to Verizon’s network in terms of fast service delivery because it is based HSPA technology while Verizon’s 3G network is based on EV-DO technology (according to PC World claim).

Afraid of purchasing new phone for the contract?

According to Verizon statement, you are not required to buy a new smartphone before enjoying the new plans from Verizon.

Here’s what was posted in a blog post by Verizon Wireless: “A new smartphone is not necessary if you want  to benefit of these prepaid plans.”

The post continued saying: “even, a phone that is no longer in use sitting in your drawer at home can also be used for this kind of offer with yearly renewal guarantee”

Worried of exceeding your contract?

If you eventually go over your monthly data transfer rate within the given 30-day contract period, you can easily purchase a $20 worth of 1GB data transfer.

As a prepaid service, loading your account has been made easier. You can easily add money into your account in advance.

What can you say about this Verizon offers? Please let me hear your views in the comment section.

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