VocalTec Releases New Device: The magicJack Plus

The magicJack Plus is a brand new VoIP device and provides consumers with an efficient and versatile method of making phone calls through a VoIP network.  A major update to this device includes its ability to function without the use of a computer.  In order to make and receive phone calls, the previous unit had to be plugged into a computer’s USB drive, and the computer had to be on.  This is not the case with the new device.  However, magicJack Plus can be used just like the old device when on the go. When at home it can be directly plugged into a your router or modem.  Unlike the previous magicJack, the magicJack Plus also does not require any type of program installation.

How much will the magicJack Plus cost me?

The magicJack Plus costs $29.95 per year after an initial payment of $69.95, which includes everything you need to set up the device, as well as the first year of service.  During your initial purchase of the magicJack Plus you can also get 5 years of service for an additional $100 and device insurance for $10.  This annual rate allows consumers to make unlimited phone calls anywhere in the United States or Canada. When you purchase the magicJack Plus, you will receive the magicJack Plus unit, an AC power adapter, a USB cable, and an ethernet cable.

I have relatives in other countries, will I be able to call them as well?

The magicJack Plus can make phone calls to other countries besides the United States and Canada.  There is an additional per minute cost associated with this, and it varies depending on which country is being called.  If you visit your friends or family outside of the United States, the magicJack Plus does allow you to make free phone calls back home.

I heard the call quality of the magicJack was not the best, has this problem been resolved?

Some users did report having problems with the call quality of the previous edition of the magicJack, including dropped calls, echoes, and static.  The call quality when using the previous model varied depending on the consumer’s internet connection, as well as their computer’s speed.  While call qualty on a VoIP network will always depend on the speed and reliability of the internet connection, the magicJack Plus does not rely on a computer anymore thus making the process much simpler. The magicJack Plus also features HD Voice, and Echo Control technology, which increases the overall voice quality, while also helping to reduce echoes that were reported with the original magicJack.

Can I keep my same phone number if I purchase the magicJack Plus?

Yes.  You can keep your phone number with the magicJack Plus.  You can also expect to keep many of the same features that a traditional landline telephone service provider would provide, including three-way calling, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.

Will my phone work the magicJack Plus?

The magicJack Plus works with most traditional telephones, including corded and cordless phones. One oft asked questions is whether it will work with all phones in your home and then  answer is yes. If they are all hooked up to the same system via your homes phone jacks then it should work with all of them.  Additionally, the magicJack Plus can be used with any computer which makes it ideal for use when you travel.

A Final Word On This Little Gadget

From first glance the magicJack Plus seems to be a miracle gadget. However we will see as only time will tell regarding its call quality and reliability. If it really does work well it is sure to draw a large number of subscribers and be the home phone of choice for many Americans.


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