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Browse Anonymously with VPN Traffic for all Android Mobile Users

VPN Traffic Android appWhat is the essence of having an android phone without a gateway to the World Wide Web? It doesn’t makes any sense at all.

Though, android mobile devices weren’t made with limitation from the manufacturer but some websites from certain location of the world are been politicized by their respective government setups.

Government in every country of the world always want to keep tabs on what the citizens were doing online, they want to know what they were buying from online stores, they want to track which food they were eating day by day, they want to know which kind of clothes these citizens put on, they want to know almost everything about their citizens pertaining to online activities and that’s why they’ve tried to force the SOPA and PIPA bill on the users of the internet.

Though, the bill failed woefully, they have as well tried their hands on another online policing project which is known as ACTA billAnti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, which is basically proving to be another SOPA & PIPA bill in disguise. This bill as well is destined to fail as well as its first comers does because the internet world entirely is in wake to make sure that the government does not police this industry for all of us.

In the meantime, the US Government has successfully silenced DOTCOM, the owner and founder of MegaUpload, and recently they’ve been able to disturbed WikiLeaks from revealing their hidden Intel. And because of all these moves, I know they won’t stop so fast.

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And in this kind of situation, android phone users need something that they can use to go through the backdoor of their country’s limit to browse their favourite websites. Vietnam government have licensed the web in their country, disallowing citizens to browse social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. But they do not allow Facebook mogul, Mark Zuckerberg to enter the country for holiday as techatlast recently reported.

VPN is one of the best means of accessing the internet anonymously these days, and it is much better and resourceful than Proxies. There are lots of companies offering VPN services but the best of them is VPNTraffic, which is one of the best VPN providers of the world. And the company is currently sponsoring our 2012 Anniversary giveaway tagged TECHATLAST 2012 Contest (ended). This review comes as a fulfillment of our promises to all the sponsors of the contest.

What’s the Heck about VPNTraffic?

Now, Android Users can now use their mobile phone to browse any kind of websites throughout the world with peace of mind without the fear of getting blocked due to their respective location IPs.vpntraffic for android settings

VPNTraffic for Android App features:

  • Quickly save your username and password for later login with ease
  • Easy setup, tap and get things done
  • Unlimited bandwidth transfers
  • Encryption for better security
  • Browse blocked websites by Government easily
  • Switch from one server to the other around our platform without hassle
  • Over 35+ countries supported throughout the world
  • It supports PPTP and L2TP/IPSEC connection
  • Can easily work with 3G, Wi-fi or GSM setup with no need for additional softwares
  • Can work fine on computer OS, and can be used to secure your Machintosh PC or Windows PC for security purposes.

VPNTraffic Servers all around the world

UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Czech, Poland, Romania, USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Australia.

VPNTraffic comes with different packages and you can get more about the prices by paying a visit to the site here, VPNTraffic.com.

Features of VPN Traffic Account for Android Users

There are lot of benefits for having the VPN Traffic Android User account because it will help you surf the world without hassle and much more. But, here below are some basic features of this service and why you should consider subscribing to the service right away.

  • Browse anonymously: Surf endlessly and go from one website to the other without glitch once you have your VPN Traffic account registered for you.
  •  Secure Internet Connection: VPN Traffic service is one of the best and most secured services on the internet as of now. And more so, it is stable and it doesn’t disconnect anyhow like others does.
  • Works with all Android Device configurations: It can work by default with all of your android mobile phone settings without hassle. With the default configuration on your device, you can use any application on the phone with this VPN service.
  • No logging of your activities: Some VPN services out there do helps you guard against being blocked from surfing some kind of websites in some particular countries of the world, but they never help you because the details of your activities are being left un-erased even after the session, thereby proving threat to your online activities. Government or other related setups can trace you up at any point in time since they have the record of your activities being tracked down. But VPNTraffic does something interesting to help you avoid such by helping your disable web tracking services from logging your online web surfing activities.

Why Use VPN Online?

Since many people don’t know much about the motives behind the use of VPN services, we need to let them know why they should start using it.

  • VPN service helps you go beyond the limit: when you are stuck and don’t know where to go or what to do, VPN service like the one from VPN traffic will helps you find a solution simply by helping you go through the backdoor to achieve your aim.
  • VPN makes everything possible: if you want to visit some website that is limited to a certain country, you can use this service to visit, create account and make proper use of that website at your ease. You can register on thousands of websites on the internet with the use of VPN without your real identity being revealed.
  • VPN service is cheaper: if you consider what you are going to get from visiting a particular website at a point in time, you will agree with me that VPN services are the cheapest of all web tunneling services ever. As you can see, PayPal, the popular payment processor doesn’t support some countries of the world, and the citizens of such countries could make use of VPN to register on PayPal as a citizen of other countries accepted by PayPal without hassle. Though, “it is not advisable for you to use PayPal account from country that is not acceptable by the service.” But instead, you can use similar service like Payza to make payments or receive money worldwide. And Payza is even one of the Best PayPal Alternatives as of now.

With this information, I believe you can now consider using VPN on your mobile phone or computer. If you want to subscribe to the VPN Traffic service for your android phones, kindly click here immediately. But if you want a VPN service which you can use on your computer and mobile phone as well, you can consider checking Invisible Browsing VPN Service as reviewed by Techatlast Team.

In case you get stuck and you do not know where to turn to exactly, then watch the video below to have a better understanding of how you can use this service on your Android Mobile phone.

Update! – Video link has been removed temporarily….

I, Olawale Daniel, do recommends that you subscribe for this service to take care of your anonymous online browsing activities. Please share your comments below so that we can also know your experiences with using VPN services to browse the web anonymously.

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