Web Apps Still Have their Place Despite Mobile Growth

Mobile apps, as you are already aware, have changed the landscape of enterprise application development. According to Apperian’s 2014 Executive Enterprise Mobility report, good progress has been made. The survey revealed that more than 70 percent of executives plan to equip more than 1,000 users with mobile apps in the next 2 years. 1/3 of survey respondents plan to equip more than 5,000 users with mobile apps.web apps still have its relevance

However, web apps aren’t being shut down by this growth in enterprise mobility and application development. While mobile apps have been called the ‘future’ when it comes to enterprise application use, web apps still have a role to play as the web has matured into a fully-featured application platform over the years – it simply can’t be neglected.

What are web apps?

Web apps imply standard-based technologies like CSS3 and HTML5. They can work in any platform with a modern web browser, without re-programming or special translations. A web app, when launched, can be accessed from Windows, iOS, Mac, Android as well as any other platform.

The web is no longer limited to the days of scrolling marquee. Web apps now stand toe to toe with the aesthetic capabilities of native apps. For the technical lot, they query the content server and generate web documents to serve the users. A standard document is used to generate the app to enable support by all web browsers.

Web apps will perform their function irrespective of the browser and OS running at the user’s end. They can be quickly deployed anywhere almost without any installation requirements, again at the user’s end.

The increasing adoption of extranets and intranets in the enterprise sector have made web applications an important aspect in any corporation’s communication infrastructure.

Creating web apps for your enterprise

You have two options: outsource the entire development process to an application developer or build a web app yourself. For enterprises who want to keep the development process in-house, these two tips should greatly help:

  • Avoid complexity in the development process

The more complex the development process grows, the harder it is to make modifications and adapt to the user’s preferences. The answer? The development process should be split into different parts when it starts getting too complex.

To adapt and change quickly, the IT department needs to be certain that any changes will not damage what’s already working. This problem can be minimized through impact analysis tools: any change in database that breaks the app logic needs to be obvious.

  • Automate testing

Tricentis states that test automation is more than just useful for web app environments: in practical terms, it is the only way to guarantee efficiency across different web browsers users have access to. Combining automation with virtualization technology can be used to mimic the behavior of different browsers to provide the efficiency you require.

Also, testing and moving a web app into production needs to be as quick as possible. To be agile and keep up with user demands, testing and deployment to the production needs to be frequent, or delays may stack up in the development cycle. Productivity can suffer it if takes two days to test new versions before they are allowed in the production phase.

Ultimately, mobile will take over the enterprise sector, but desktop access will remain a necessity and will hold the case for web apps in the future.






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  1. Toneri Stampaci Avatar
    Toneri Stampaci

    I made a few mobile apps, and now I always make two versions, for web and mobile,
    and in my experience, the more complex the app is (meaning a lot of functionality) the more people use it on the web.

    But I guess we need to do both versions always now, you never know which one will be more used.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar

      Good brainer Toneri,

      Both apps are necessary or else we might get to miss out on some deals.

      Thanks for your contribution.

  2. Valli Avatar

    Hi, very valuable information about web apps in this mobile era. Summarized pretty well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar

      Hey Valli,

      You welcome, hope you have got a lot to apply to your business from there?

  3. John Wilson Avatar
    John Wilson

    This is really informative post and I appreciate you for publishing this.Also i was looking to this site in few days ago. Finally i got it and have to learned lot of much more from this site that i need.Thank you one this 🙂

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar

      Hey John,

      We pretty appreciate you for hoppin in.

  4. Tony Jaw Avatar
    Tony Jaw

    The web apps are still good and I do use it with Google Chrome many times. There were many apps very good as well.

  5. Amit Kumar Avatar
    Amit Kumar

    Hii Olukunle,

    What a superb article!
    You said correct, web apps are quite useful than all other things and people will always crazy for it. I loved your ideas mentioned in “Avoid complexity in the development process” section.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article with us 🙂

  6. Abdellah EL-Houssaini Avatar
    Abdellah EL-Houssaini

    thank you for this beautiful article

  7. prachisinha Avatar

    I always make two versions, for web and mobile,
    and in my experience, the more complex the app is (meaning a lot of functionality) the more people use it on the web.

    But I guess we need to do both versions always now,

  8. sathish Avatar

    This is a very useful information about mobile web apps. Thank u for publishing. Keep sharing some more informations

  9. Maricar Lee Avatar
    Maricar Lee

    I just red something new. Very well said. This is good information. Thanks.

  10. Dharmesh Khatri Avatar
    Dharmesh Khatri

    Very nicely written and true facts about web apps. Really we have almost forgotten this thigs great share bro

  11. Sumit Kumar Avatar
    Sumit Kumar


    Thanks for sharing good information, awesome post..keep it up…!

    I recommended iPhone app development company in India that offers reliable iPhone application development services worldwide.

    Thank you!”

  12. Geoff Talbot Avatar
    Geoff Talbot

    Interesting topic…

    Web Apps are definitely not dead. I really agree with you about development costs and complicated processes, I am not sure that in a fast moving, flexible, evolving enterprise that the IT department can keep up, if you are talking about creating apps with InfoPath in SharePoint. There are some really great 3rd party BMP solutions though now… like Emgage’s Prime which allows the end user to create work apps without coding, solving their problems very quickly etc.

    Thanks Again

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