Top 5 Web Design Trends Experts Says Will Dominate the Market in 2019

Industry experts have released top five web design trends that will help you dominate in your field this year. 

Is it accurate to say that you are a businessperson who is searching for an opportunity to make a statement with your brand image with the goal that your potential buyers observe you to be a solid brand? Or are you a web developer who is looking for credible ways to design an attention-grabbing and impressive website?

Whichever case it may be, you have to think about the best architecture patterns of web development that will overwhelm the market in 2017; top web design trends to track and take after for whatever is left of the year.

There are often regular web design trends and practices that come in the mainstream consistently yet soon they go away since they fail to deliver value and render esteem. On the other hand, some web design trends come into the limelight and stay due to their never-blurring effectiveness. Thus, here, for all business owners, huge large or small, and for all web developers I am going to be discussing a couple of web design trends and patterns that won’t just rule the market this year however will impact in the coming years as well.

Read along with me as I will be revealing the top web design trends for the year to you.

Web Design Trends – Experts Says These Trends Will Dominate the Market in 2017

Emotional Website Design plays a major role in your brand relevance
Human behavior and emotions play one of the major roles in your brand relevance if getting results is what you care for. Mastering the art of emotional web development could position your brand at the topmost height and it is even one of the top web trends you must make use of as of this time.

Bigger and Bolder Typeface Rocks

The design industry has already been dominated by simple layouts, and it is very clear that decorative and multiplex typography soon goes into extinction. Yes, they are going to take the backseat because they would soon become obsolete. One of the major and basic goals of having a well-updated website it to be able to attract and deliver the value to the user immediately they visit, and above all, to get them to take action such as making a purchase. Using bigger and bolder typography makes it a little much easier to create a statement that would inspire action. It has a straight forward appeal that goes perfectly with the card design and grid layout.

Design layout matters a lot; Card Design and Grid Layout

Do you know why the social media site of pictures, Pinterest is so popular? I personally feel it is their card design layouts that leave quite an impactful mark in the users’ minds. So, taking inspiration from such instances, the web designers are coming up with such designs for the website. As we all know, simplicity speaks volume, this card design roots on the simple, organized, flexible and more responsive pattern. If your website has many things to talk about, the grid layout will be perfectly suitable for delivering all this information in abundance. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect style to give your website an out-of-the-box appeal, better than the showcasing web pages.

Engaging Interface

In your quest to making your business website more user-friendly, some of the top web designers have realized the power of engagement; creating a conversation with your visitors. Engaging your audience shouldn’t always be limited to dishing our regular contents on your corporate social media account. We believe it should be more than that. To expand your design, you should bring into your design your creativity to create engagement with the visitors. AI-powered chatbots could be used for this kind of scenario if you know how to properly get them set up for your business needs. They can communicate and keep your audience engaged even until they do the final thing expected of them; make a purchase, signup to the newsletter, follow a brand on social media, click a link and many others.

It is more about giving the site visitor a direction or sitemap of the site so that the design itself can compel them to finish the task. In a layman’s term, it offers the user a more personalized experience and also gives the brands a better opportunity to further understands the needs of their customers.

Use Less Stock Images and Invest in Original Images

Web Design Trends - Creative logo design needed for good brand image

Authenticity will always add more value to your website. This is one of the major web design trends that is currently impacting how customers perceive your brand. High quality and original images help in creating a lasting brand image which projects how customers and visitors perceive your brand. If you use less valuable and stock images very well, you are already losing your brand identity. Using authentic images over stock photographs will not only helps in expressing the authenticity (identity), thoughtfulness behind the business but also it helps in brand recognition. Decide from henceforth to use authentic bespoke images instead of stockpiling your website with generic photos that can easily be found elsewhere. I wrote an article a while ago about websites where you can get stock photos that are editable, you should go read it. I trust that would help you a lot.

These are the latest web design trends that you can still benefit from before it becomes very popular. You should get yourself a brand image using high-quality original photos, build a website that encourages engagement, use big and bolder font typeface to increase action taking, and use the right website layout. With the four points well taken care of, I am sure your website is about to become the next big thing in the industry.

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