What’s new with the iPhone 4S?

After a number of changes, Apple finally launched its outstanding “Apple iPhone 4S.” No doubt, iPhone users were having many expectations from the coming version of iPhone, but still, iPhone 4s is proved to be the best ever! The iPhone is reloaded with more power, more fun and more control with its user-friendly features.iphone 4s

The makers of iPhone 4S have made a lot of changes and improvements by giving it an entirely new look with state of the art performance and impressive additions. The iPhone 4S come up with the most speedy processor, a new antenna and an improved camera. You can have this awesome phone in two colors; black and white.


It is a voice assistant that is more than other handy features in your iPhone 4S. Siri is designed to follow your commands and bring required information, which you are asking for. It’s an amazing feature and can facilitate you like an assistant. Now, it’s up to you what you want to ask, as it can be some random questions, addresses, or reminders.

Interestingly, Siri can find facts from the famous sites like Wikipedia and give you the required information like exact difference between two places. After its great success, Apple is working efficiently to control it through your Bluetooth or car integration. If it happens, then it will become a major milestone for Apple iPhone.

8 megapixel camera

So, what’s up with the new and improved 8 megapixel camera? Isn’t it exciting enough to take pictures in true colors? Of course, everybody likes new camera with more megapixels and better image quality. The new camera has a flash, accurate auto focus, backside-illuminated CMOS sensor, and f/2.4 aperture lens. Its new hybrid IR filter has made more accurate color accuracy. This new camera also includes improved white balancing with face detection and built-in image processing.

Long battery life

The new battery is an hour longer than the previous version of iPhone, but it’s important to know the nature of work you want to pursue. If you are surfing internet through Wi-Fi, then its battery will drain fast! Similarly, the iOS 5 and A5 chipsets are designed to give you the best results in accordance with the improved battery timings. It’s easy to make more calls and do a lot of stuff without thinking about the battery drainage.

Dual-band phone

The iPhone 4S can easily support CDMA and GSM, which proves it as a dual-band phone. Hence, a lot of users can use it with greater ease, whether they are using Sprint or Verizon. Similarly, for GSM users, it can support HSDPA 14.4.

Parental Control

If you don’t want your child to handle it freely, then you can enable “parental control facility” on your iPhone 4S. Obviously, there are different things and options available on your mobile, which you don’t want them to see. Hence, you can make parental control restrictions on FaceTime, Camera, Game Center, YouTube, Movies, Safari, Location Services and other similar apps on your iPhone 4S.

Parental control is a major plus for iPhone 4S and can protect your mobile from unnecessary use in your child’s hand.

Software updates

Software updates is a necessity of any mobile phone. If you want to update your iPhone 4S, then you can do it with greater ease. All you have to do is to connect your mobile with your PC or Mac and update it by opening iTunes. You can easily get what you want through iPhone 4S software updates. Luckily, this time, iPhone is not bound to have a PC or Mac and can activate its device wirelessly. It’s a new beginning of convergence that the whole world has never seen before.

Another feature was the real need of iPhone users from a very long time and this time, they can enjoy a “PC-free” iPhone. So, do more whether you want to edit your files or add something new like a folder in your iPhone 4S.

A global set

The iPhone 4S can be used anywhere in the world with its charming “localized” language feature. There are over 30 languages, in which, this magnificent phone can be localized. Luckily, the keyboard inside is software based and can be changed into some other language more easily and conveniently. You can switch between different languages very easily and select the language of your choice anytime you want.

For Japanese and Chinese languages, handwritten character input and contextual characters are available. Truly, it is a global set indeed!

It is a must buy version of iPhone family. If you are waiting for some other miracle to happen, then stop thinking about it. At least, there is no other phone of the same kind, which can give some tough time regarding your desired gadgets for now. So, don’t think and buy iPhone 4S. Are you going to buy one for yourself?

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