WhatsApp Call now available, the Mobile Craze Continues

WhatsApp Calls; WhatsApp has finally introduced free call into the ground breaking mobile messenger.  Android users being the first to rock on the latest feature.

Whatsapp arrived as a game changer in the history of mobile messaging being the first cross platform mobile messenger rivaling RIM’s BBM messenger. It’s arrival was attributed to the sudden conversation of the BBM messenger from Blackberry device alone into other mobile platforms.WhatsApp Call now available, the Mobile Craze Continues


Looking at the WhatsApp logo, it could have well been concluded that the founders has thought beyond ordinary mobile messaging. It carries a telephone earpiece already.

I wasn’t surprised when I saw the update suddenly appeared on the right corner on my Android whatsapp application, whatsapp has finally done it, I exclaimed the arrival of WhatsApp free calls.


The WhatsApp Call update began beta testing last month on some selected device after which it became available by invitation, and now for all users. Android users are the first to use this free service as iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry are to expect to see the update later in the weeks.WhatsApp Call

Other services whatsapp will be competing includes; Skype, Viber and Apple iMessenger/Facetime.

The WhatsApp Call feature is available on the updated version 2.12.5 and it is available for download on the Google play store.

Once you download and open, you will see the new interface which consisting of Calls (where your list of call logs is archived); Chats (which has the list of friends you are chatting with) and; Contact (where your whatsapp contact list is placed).


When you place a whatsapp call, the recipient’s profile picture will appear large at the middle of your screen and a red button below for call termination. If you receive a whatsapp call, your caller’s profile picture will appear large at the middle with a green and red swipe button to either receive or ignore the call.WhatsApp Call conversation chat

Whatsapp was launched back in 2009 as a mobile messenger platform, in August 2013, it added the voice messaging feature as a major update. Facebook in Feb 2014 seeing the future acquired the company for $19 billion and by April 2014, whatsapp hits 500 million monthly active users, 700 million daily photo share, 100 million daily video share and 10 billion messages sent per day. Few months ago, Whatsapp desktop client was launched activated via mobile on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry or Symbian S60.

Go try the new whatsapp free call feature and let’s have your feedback.



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6 responses to “WhatsApp Call now available, the Mobile Craze Continues”

  1. fairfax kitchen remodeling Avatar
    fairfax kitchen remodeling

    This is the worst feature in the updated version of the whats app.I don’t like this feature.It will be the wasting of time if anyone will try to call through whats app.It needs very much improvement, so try to improve this more.

    1. nath Avatar

      the whatsapp call feature is not totally a failure, the calls are ok and i would say its clear too compared to other chat calls, but i think they got it wrong when the calls ring even when the other persons phone is switched off, i wonder where the rings come from, but all the same they can improve on that and more that needs improvement…

  2. Beakon Avatar

    Although there was not such gap in the market, this is a very smart move from Whatsapp because Skype and viber pretty much suck right now. Let’s hope they won’t take the Facebook road down to monetization!

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Almost what I just wrote about today! Whatsapp may soon open up its system to brands and marketers according to report. I love the app too but I strongly believe that, as long as it is still under the organization known as Facebook, they’d eventually monetize it and they may not care if it affect users or not.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Josephn Avatar

    Hi, Actually this is not a updated feature , When am trying to call somebody but he didn’t receive any call even though he has internet …This is the drawback i think…. this is disppointed to me…and thanks for sharing info @ keep posting….

    1. sham Avatar

      Well, whatever the reason, but i don’t like the whatsapp calling system at all.

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