White Label Software: Why White Label Ransomware May Be the Scariest Cybersecurity Risk Ever

Many startups and enterprises don’t have the time or resources to build every component from scratch. This is where software white labeling comes in. White label software is a product or service that is developed by one company and sold to another company under a different brand label. The software product or service can be delivered via hardware or through a cloud-based platform. White label software is commonly used when starting a new business or expanding the services of an existing one. It’s obvious to see how this can be a beneficial way to utilize the research and development of other professionals to help your own brand. However, white label software isn’t just something that is used by legitimate businesses. Criminals and hackers are now applying the practice of purchasing white label software for nefarious purposes. Malware is officially on the market in the dark corners of the Internet. This means that criminals no longer have to have any programming skills in order to distribute dangerous, far-reaching ransomware.

White Label Software; Cerber Ransomware, Is Still the Scariest Cybersecurity Risk Ever Recorded.

White Label Software - Cerber Ransomware danger
The Cerber Ransomware danger that has shaken the world of internet security. White Label software licensing allows a non-programmer to have immediate access to an already coded-programmed software that could wreck havoc.

The Rise of Cerber

If there was one threat giving IT managers and security professionals headaches this year, it’s something called Cerber. This brand of ransomware stands out as a particularly vicious threat in a world of cyber threats. Cerber is especially concerning because it uses a strong, unbreakable encryption that makes it very difficult to fight. It also has a number of unique features that make it one of the biggest threats in the digital world. Of course, the most troubling thing about Cerber is the way it is distributed. Hackers from around the world can easily purchase this ransomware the same way reputable companies purchase white labeled software. Individuals who sign up to distribute the program agree to share a piece of the profit with its original authors. The program itself is purchased as a customizable file that allows the user to change certain characteristics for their own purposes. The threat capabilities of Cerber include:

  • An audio script that can repeat a verbal ransom note over and over again.
  • Visuals that can be altered to mimic reputable brands, organizations or people.
  • DDoS attacks that can compromise multiple systems.

Combating Cerber 

White Label ransomware
Why White Label Ransomware may be the scariest cybersecurity risk ever recorded in the history of cyber security worldwide.

IT professionals really have their work cut out for them when it comes to protecting networks against Cerber. It is a program that is constantly evolving to evade authorities and IT professionals. This malicious ransomware enters a system via infected Word documents or other files. It then encrypts documents and makes them inaccessible to their owners. A ransom message with details about how to pay the perpetrators pops up on a user’s screen at some point. The perpetrators may or may not actually deliver a code for unlocking the files once the ransom is paid. Law enforcement has repeatedly cautioned against giving any money to the criminals who partake in this type of attack.

Prevention really is the best remedy for ransomware attacks. Enterprises need to invest in advanced cybersecurity software that is capable of detecting and stopping these types of threats. Staying ahead of the game is the only way to avoid losing valuable and confidential information and resources.





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    Security of software is necessary to prevent customers data and information, without that customers cannot believe in any software and ultimately business will go into losing or they have to pay their value for not responding.

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