News: WHO warns against Mosquito bite, Nigeria Allocates 8% on Education

Hmmm, another evening news here again. After yesterday’s bug fixes on the site, I couldn’t do more writing yesterday than David Letterman, Evernote and Smiletrain’s smilestone campaign. Today likewise, I will not be doing more news to give way for my first article published today about AngloGold’s new term resolution about staffs morale.

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Today’s health news:

WHO says just a bite of Mosquito, fly & tick may pose a big threat to our health. And they’ve published a fact video to explain why you shouldn’t allow these small pieces of works come around you.


Ghana Allocates 30%, South Africa 25.8%, Uganda 27%, Swaziland 24.6%, Lesotho 17%, Nicaragua 15%, and the said Giant of Africa, Nigeria allocates 8% of the federation budget on education. Can somebody tell where the other monies will go to?

Are they truly invested in the future of our youths?

Are they truly invested in the future of Nigerian youths with this 8% allocation on education?Click to view larger image.

I’m sorry for my dear country, Nigeria, she’s been lead by people who do not think for the future but what they’d eat and enjoy now. Paypal has been riding on us for so long, nothing has been done to curb this shameful and limited international business opportunities exposure for our youths who are talented with fresh blood of creativity running in them.

When will Nigerians rise up to chase these hoodlums from our government? That, I can’t say, but time will tell.

In rebasing Nigeria economy, Oby Ezekwesil, the one-time vice president of the World Bank’s Africa division and Nigerian former minister of education, says sectors like Nollywood (entertainment), IT and telecommunication (mobile) industry are now pretty huge, but were not there in 1990. So Nigeria must rebase.

Do you agree with her?

Let’s hear your views on this.

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8 responses to “News: WHO warns against Mosquito bite, Nigeria Allocates 8% on Education”

  1. Nithin Upendran Avatar
    Nithin Upendran

    Yea mosquite bite is something to worry about WHO is correct 🙂 Nigeria’s investment of 8% is too low. A country must invest more than that..

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes, you’re Nithin. The government are looking down too much on the citizen of the states. They don’t seem concerned about the future of our youths – it is presently hanging in the balance. We need to make right move to change the future right from now.

      Great Nigeria. 🙂

  2. LensKart Avatar

    Still I think that the money, which Nigeria is spending on education is very low considering the fact of education level in Nigeria.

  3. Karan Rawat Avatar

    there should be some sort of strong law, “Right to education” in india is one ogf them.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      I think there has to be something as strong as this in Nigeria too. We need to give every children right to education through out Africa, it is not only Nigeria that’s suffering from this. It is just that Nigeria, referred to as Giant of Africa, is lacking behind.

  4. Muhammad Irfan Avatar
    Muhammad Irfan

    Shame on GOV.

  5. jacadam Avatar

    Mosquito bite is always dangerous

  6. KR Shastri ji Avatar
    KR Shastri ji

    I am read your Article Great information, A mosquito bite is always dangerous,

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