Does what Olx.In has to offer Indians better than what they have had?

What makes different in the classifieds business? is a reputable online digital advertising portal for people interested in either buying or selling of products and services. There are many items available on the platform such as; tablets, gadgets, electronic devices, and various mobile for sale. The website is a part of OLX, Inc. (its mother company) which is widely used throughout the world for free classifieds. And it works the same way their Nigerian counterpart works. You can check here to confirm that; its design, its aesthetic and its layout.

Promotion is said to be the backbone of successful product sales, and the right promotion strategy always come out successful at the end of the day. But, just getting your ad perfectly crafted towards a particular niche (targeted group of interest) without a reliable and responsive channel to get your message out there, you are still wasting time because it will eventually led your ad into the trash bin.

What we sell on OLX.IN

Classifieds could be helpful here.

Do you want to know why I did say that? It’s because it is always free to use!

Gone are the days when you’d had to spend large bucks before you could get your stuffs promoted to large amount of people all over the world at a go, but you can! Now that things have been simplified with sites like OLX, DealDey, and SalesBuddie, Quickr etc., you could get a piece of ad across to different homes worldwide in a matter of seconds.

The introduction of the World Wide Web has had many lives changed positively compared to the kind of lifestyle our forefathers lead during their own time. As we were told, during their time, they were accustomed with the traditional face-to-face products and services delivery – there weren’t enough technological tools to aid business developments like we had today, not to talk of easy exchange of products and services until now!

21st century revolution with classifieds

We’re very lucky to have great and newly improved technologies at our disposal; smart computers such as smartphones, tablets, home-made gadgets, and other smart devices. All of these make it easier for us to do things our way and express ourselves the way we want.

The online classifieds platform simplifies the complications in buying, trading, selling, organizing, and meeting people around your vicinity. Imagine how a life with no radio station, TV broadcasting would look like, everything will just remain on the same spot – and the introduction of classifieds ads later improves on all of these media.

The kind of classifieds platform we recommend

The truth is that there are a lot of classified sites out there, but OLX since its March 2006 lunch “Sab Kuchi Bikta Hai,” which means “everything sells here“. You have no cause to fear, the platform is simple enough that it doesn’t take time to dispose your product.

Products and Services available on

Here are some of the things that you could be doing on  OLX platform, you can;

  • Easily design quality ads with images
  • With My OLX, you can get a feel of a personalized portal that’s specially made to fit your taste – it is useful for controlling user’s activities such as buying and selling of items.
  • Authenticate your social media networks to display your ads on them.
  • Change the interface to your language with its multi-language feature
  • Post and edit ad from your smartphone devices because it is mobile friendly

Another benefit of OLX India unlike other similar sites is that you can select ad specifically for your state – this means, your ad can be seen in your own locality and you can also respond to classifieds within your vicinity.

OLX India participating states

The American Blue Jeans Millionaire, T. J. Rolheder emphasized that unique promotion and marketing is the key to a successful business, apart from offering one of the best classified platform, the site invested well in advertisement to  get exposed to a large number of audience, the OLX YouTube Channel archive a lot of promotional and tutorial videos for you to feed on. You can learn more on how OLX, Inc. services works particularly with customer’s reviews.

Have you ever used any of OLX services in your local language? How was your experience with OLX’s customer support?






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  1. Younes Avatar

    thanks for this info

    1. Jay Flynn Avatar

      Thanks for coming here!

  2. Colat Avatar

    I’m just trying to check the site right now, it looks promising.

  3. Lilly Avatar

    I haven’t used OLX but it sounds interesting and user-friendly. Definitely, I will try it I want to sell something.

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