Why Parents Spy on iPhones?

iPhones and iPads are the gadgets that teenagers and even younger kids crave for more than anything else in the world. Parents are always reluctant to get them one. Mainly because these phones come bearing a lot of risks that may do more harm than good. However, due to the development in iPhone and iPad parental controls, parents have started to change their stance with regards to the Apple Products. These iPhone and iPad parental controls allow them to know a lot of things that children usually hide from them. With the help of these control apps, parents are able to keep check on almost all activity being performed on both iPads and iPhones.

Why do Parents Spy on iPhones?

reasons why parent spy on iphoneOne of the most common problems with children of any age is trying to find out where they are when they get lost. The spy software allows, transforms the iPhone and iPad into a tracking device that lets parents find their children at any time. It works just like the tracking devices you see in the movies. If you call your son and he doesn’t answer, all you need to do is turn on your computer and find him on Google Maps. You’ll know immediately if he’s at school, at a friend’s house, at the movies, or somewhere else. You even get the street and number of his location, in case there’s an emergency and you really need to go get him.

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There’s another reason why parents spy on children’s phones. You see, mobile phones are like a mini-computer. Remember how you took steps to make sure that your child doesn’t get access to inappropriate content on the web? Well, all those measures are lost once you give your child a phone. However, with parental controls, you can see what website your son visits, and more importantly, you can block them. This not only prevents your child from being exposed to sex and violence, but it also prevents strangers from having access to your child.

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Parents of teenagers have an added incentive to spy on their kids’ mobile phones. Teenagers aren’t only exposed to dangers from outside, but they are also a source of danger themselves, since they are not known for having good judgement or thinking things through. Any parent would agree that there’s a need for parental controls so that they can know whether their teenagers are involved in some damaging habits or not.

There are other reasons why parents spy on mobile phones, but the aforementioned are usually the main ones. However, if you have any other valuable reasons why parent spy on their children using iPhone, we’d like to hear so that others can learn more about them and even, TECHATLAST team would like to hear them as well.





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  1. Paul Avatar

    Parents can spy on their children, even if their children don’t have an iPhone. With some security camera software, parents can view the live feed of their home from their personal phone. Look out kids!

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