Win an iPhone 6 or $800 Cash Prize on the Bebuzee Selfie Competition

Bebuzee have launched a brand new Selfie Competition which is looking to fire up their all new Revenue Sharing Scheme, which allows users to share half of the revenue generated by adverts on the up and coming social network giant’s platform.

Bebuzee has taken steps to ensure users are rewarded for all the time and dedication they have spent in maintaining the posting of content within Bebuzee.

Bebuzee Selfie competition

What is Selfie?

A photograph that one has been taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.’

Selfies are usually shared on social networking sites or services such as FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. They are usually flattering, funny and made to appear casual. Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arm’s length or facing a mirror, rather than by using a traditional self-timer.

The term “selfie” was initially talked over by photographer Jim Krause in 2005. Although photos get ahead some of the formal aspects. The selfie can be seen in the self-taken photographs that were particularly common on MySpace.

Bebuzee Selfie competition

A selfie is said to be the most common way in which users post on social media. In November 2013, ‘Selfie’ was voted word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries in 2013 which gave the word itself an Australian origin.

Writer Kate Losse, once said that in the middle of 2006 and 2009 (when Facebook started to overtake Myspace), the “Myspace pic” (typically “an amateurish, flash-blinded self-portrait, often taken in front of a bathroom mirror”) became an indication of bad taste for users of the newer Facebook social network. Early Facebook portraits, Losse said in dissimilarity, were usually well-focused and more formal or taken by others from distance. In 2009, the image and video hosting website Flickr, users used ‘selfies’ to describe seemingly endless self-portraits posted by teenaged girls. According to Losse, developments and changes in design, especially the front looking camera copied by the Apple iPhone 4 as of 2010, from Korean and Japanese mobile phones, mobile photo apps such as Instagram, and old famous, selfie sites such as “It is Mee” actually led to the resurrection of selfies in the early 2010s.

Primarily popular amongst younger people, selfies grew wider in popularity over time.By the end of 2012, Time magazine considered the ‘selfie’ as one of the “top 10 buzzwords” of that year; although selfies had existed way long before. It was actually in 2012 that the term really took off. According to a 2013 survey, two-thirds of Australian women aged 18-35 take selfies. This is the most common purpose for such of this age group to have any need in posting on Facebook. A poll tailor-made by smartphone and camera manufacturer Samsung, found out that selfies make up thirty percent (30%) of the photos taken by people aged 18–24.

Selfies have also taken beyond this planet. Selfies are also taken from space. These include those taken by astronauts of images by NASA’s Curiosity rover of itself on Marsand other images created by an indirect method, where a self-portrait photograph taken on Earth is displayed on a screen on a satellite, this is then consequently captured by a camera.

Undeniably, the selfie portrait is an easy target for charges of selfie involvement, but in a highly photographic culture, the selfie quickly and easily shows, not tells, how you are feeling, where about you are and what you are doing at that particular moment.

So the aim of the BebuzeeSelfie Competition is to encourage users to take photos, edit them if they wish to and ultimately post these images on to their Bebuzee profile.

Bebuzee Selfie competition

What is the reward for the Bebuzee’s most popular Selfie?

What Bebuzee intend to do is, give back to the users, on top of the revenue sharing scheme

This will consist of two possible prizes. This will be either a brand new sealed Apple iPhone 6 OR a spectacular cash equivalent of eight hundred dollars ($800).

The person with the most likes on their selfie by 31st December 2014 will be the winner. The winner of the competition will be announced on 1st January 2015 precisely. The winner will also be contacted via messenger service and email regarding posting or transfer of prize. Terms and conditions apply.

How to Participate in the Bebuzee Selfie Competition

Simply Sign up a Bebuzee Account today and start posting!

Good luck!





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  1. Shahbaz Sayyed Avatar
    Shahbaz Sayyed

    Is this contest still on? Or am i late for this? Please tell me ASAP!

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You can still participate…

  2. aiyeboyx Avatar

    i hope black people like me can apply

  3. Gucci John Avatar
    Gucci John

    It’s a very good topic, I learn a lot of from it. Thanks, keep writing!

  4. Saint jose Avatar
    Saint jose

    Can i participate this contest or not ? Otherwise This conetest or Expires pls tell me?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      The contest has ended but keep your logged to TechAtLast as we will be announcing new contest soon.

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