Windows 10 Release, Microsoft finally wakes up from Slumber

Microsoft Inc is set to release its latest Windows OS; Windows 10 sometimes next month precisely July 29. An upgrade latest to the Windows 8.1

Let’s take a trip into what the Windows 10 will look like

Windows 10 release

Windows 10 has been designed to run on numerous form factors including; desktops, tablets, phones, convertible devices, the Xbox One, holographic headsets, Internet device stuffs and barebones computers such as the Raspberry Pi.

The new OS will run on all this devices taking only the user Interface (UI) as the difference.

One Windows 10 app across devices

Phones and Xbox One may not run legacy apps, but Microsoft has built the universal apps concept.

Even though the UI and hardware may be different for desktops, Xbox One, phone, Raspberry Pi, Microsoft has created a platform whereby developers can build one apps to run across all devices.

Microsoft showed off an example of this concept with its Outlook, Photos and Office universal app running on both phone and desktop during the previews. The universal app will change and reshape depending on the UI and input methods.

Another example Microsoft showed off is a news app featuring multimedia and articles on desktop and mobile, but revealing only video on Xbox One.

This is a really big ambition for Microsoft on the Windows 10 although the universal app game for them is a little late but finally developers have a reason to develop for the Windows OS.

Key Features of the Windows 10

New Start Menu

Microsoft has completely transformed the start menu on the Windows 10 OS; it is no longer full size like that of the Windows 8.1, the Windows Store apps is now embedded in the menu in form of live tiles.

Cortana Voice Assistant

Cortana is Microsoft’s new voice assistant that serves up information via text or voice. This is already a hit on the Windows Phone, but Microsoft has promised its launch for iOS and Android users.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Seem the Internet explorer is finally changing name, Microsoft Edge will be the substitute. Even at the beta, the browser is slick already, it has an offline reading mode, has ability to quickly make annotations, also Chrome/Firefox extensions are compatible.

Microsoft Continuum

If you use a convertible laptop or tablet, the Continuum mode dynamically adjusts your UI once you are changing from the laptop to tablet mode or vice versa.

The continuum mode on Windows 10 Phone is the most impressive; it will change to Windows 10 desktop style and scale up apps anytime you connect the phone to a TV.

Windows Hello

Microsoft has brief up security with the new Windows Hello, the feature offers biometric authentication in form of iris scanning or fingerprint reading anytime you are trying to login into the platform. This should make your device safer.

Xbox App

Xbox One users with the Windows 10 will be able to stream game from their console to a Windows 10 PC with the Xbox App. Gamers will be able to share footage and steam titles from their PC games.

Direct X 12: The Direct X 12 support will squeeze even more performance out of existing hardware.

System Requirement for the Windows 10

The requirement to install the Windows 10 is much more relaxed like the Windows 8.

1 GHz processor, 1GB RAM (2GB for 64-bit system) and 16GB storage disk, you ancient PC will conveniently run the operating system.

If you have a Windows Phone 8.1 device, you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 once it out.

Windows 10 Release Date

The new Windows 10 OS is set to release on July 29, upgrade is free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users till July 29 2016.

You can reserve your copy via the Windows icon on your system tray in the bottom-right corner or simply visit Microsoft’s Windows 10 Upgrade page for more information.


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