Be Productive with this Top Windows 8 Shortcuts

Top Windows 8 Shortcuts You Must Know About

Keyboard Shortcuts are very useful especially when you want to do things faster. When you are working on your computer and you wanted to perform some tasks which will require a lot of time, without shortcuts, you can spend countless of hours on that tasks. But, when you know much about keyboard shortcuts, things will become more easier for you to do. That is why I present you this morning the top Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts. To make things easier for yourself and others around you, the best thing you need is to cram shortcuts so that you work smart.

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Windows 8 is the latest windows operating system recently released by Windows, it is available for all PC that has the required capacity which Win 8 need before it can work.

So, below are the useful Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts you would need this year. There are countless number of windows 8 shortcuts but this ones are very useful.

Windows Shortcuts
WIN + C  Open Start Menu

WIN + F – Opens search for Files menu

WIN + I – Opens Start Menu Settings.

WIN + K – Opens Start Menu Connections

WIN + O – Disable screen rotation (allows turning off the Gyro reaction to the tablets)

WIN + Y – Switches to desktop view. Use this hotkey to temporarily hide all maximized windows for you to see the desktop

WIN + Spacebar – Change the language / keyboard layout.

WIN + Shift + V – Allows Reverse switching between notifications

WIN + Enter – Runs Utilities Narrator, which reads aloud the titles and contents of the open windows.

WIN + Page Up – Moves the Metro tiles to the left

WIN + Q – Opens Search Apps menu

WIN + V – Allows switching between notifications

WIN + W – Opens search for Settings menu

WIN + Page Down – Moves the Metro tiles to the right

WIN + Shift + Plus(+)  Open magnifier for maximizing the desktop

WIN + Shift + Minus(-) – Opens magnifier for minimizing the window

Please note that all the normal TEXT-EDITTING keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+C are just the same as it was before.

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