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Windows Phone Marketplace met over 75,000 published apps in 2012, says Microsoft

In the immense popularity of Android and Apple, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has been struggling to attract the customers. Microsoft is working very hard to make Windows Phone as the best mobile operating system. In its continuous efforts, Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8 with the intention of overtaking the popularity bars of Apple and Android. With the launch of Windows Phone 8, the two big challenges to Microsoft were to create a peak in sales graph, and to invite more and more developers to develop apps for Windows Phone 8. A huge crowd of Android apps is one of the major reasons for Android to be the best mobile operating system. That’s why Microsoft is working hard to make the Windows Phone Marketplace full with a plenty of apps, related to each category.

Well, the hard work always pays and has paid Microsoft as well. Microsoft revealed in a blog post that its Windows Phone Marketplace has met 75,000 new applications and 3,00,000 app updates in this year 2012. 54 is the count of downloaded apps per person. The Windows Blog writes:

Over the last year (2011), we have certified and already published over 75,000 new mobile apps and games and over 300,000 app updates. In addition to this, we have added another feature that let users tell us when they have concern about an app so as to report them.

Todd Brix, Microsoft’s Senior director for Windows Phone Marketplace said that Microsoft has been focusing on increasing the apps’ count in Windows Phone Marketplace and its direct investment has resulted in current strong position where the Windows Phone Customer buy or download more apps as compared to what it was after the launch of Windows Phone 7, two years back.

windows phone marketplace

A high density and diversity of apps is must for any mobile operating system. Windows Phone Marketplace has been struggling to stand in front of app stores of Android and Apple.But with this revealed info from Microsoft, it seems that Windows Phone Marketplace will give a tough competition to other mobile operating systems, in near future. Well, the developers only show interest if there is good possibility of revenue. Happily! Microsoft revealed in the same blog post that the revenue of esteemed developers is growing rapidly. It has increased up 40% in the 30 days since the SDK release. This much hike in revenue may be due to Christmas holidays and thus, may not be steady, but still, one thing is clear that Windows Phone Marketplace developers are now getting more money for their hard work, than what they ever had in developing apps for Windows Phone Marketplace.

Microsoft is also paying attention to customer feedback so as to make the only best and useful apps to glow in Windows Phone Marketplace. Based on Customer Feedback, Microsoft found that 85 percent of users prefer to opt for apps with Live Tile functionality over other apps.

Windows Phone Marketplace is enjoying its golden period and is expected to touch the high clouds of success. The same Windows Phone Marketplace was seemed to be dead, but thanks to Windows Phone 8 and high-featured Windows Phone 8 smartphones to make the developers show interest in developing apps for Windows Phone Marketplace, and thus to bring smiles on faces of hard-working folks over at Microsoft.

The new year will bring more Windows Phone 8 devices, and thus this 75,000 count is expected to get doubled. Though we can’t say anything now; it would be great to let the ‘fast ticking time’ answer this.

Olawale Danielhttps://olawaledaniel.com/
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