How to Use a Wireless PC to Make Phone Calls

Teleconferencing has become a popular weapon in today’s social and professional communication arsenal. With a wireless PC, you can make phone calls quickly and easily for extremely cheap; or even free.  This can be useful when you find that your cell phone is dead or has no service, or if you want to include a video chat in your phone call. Teleconferencing has also become popular in the professional world due to its ability to connect many individuals at once. Now that teleconferencing has been made possible via PC, it is one of the most common forms of communication in our world as of recently.How to Use a Wireless PC to Make Phone Calls

What You Need For Successful Teleconferencing

A wireless PC alone is not going to make for a very successful phone call; you are going to need a few extra tools for a teleconference via personal computer. First of all, you are going to need a high speed internet connection. High speed access will improve the quality of the call for you and for those you plan to call. A headset, or even a simple microphone and speaker set, will be needed for vocal communication. Without a microphone, your teleconferencing program will not pick up your voice for transmission.  If you would like to make your teleconference a video call, you and the person whom you are calling will need webcams.

Programs and Services For Teleconferencing

If you are new to making phone calls with a wireless PC, then you probably are not aware of the many teleconference softwares and services available to you. Within the last few years, Skype has become one of the biggest free communication programs available online. They offer skype to skype calling, IM, and video chat for free; however, you must pay to call landlines via Skype. Even so, Skype is one of the most reputed and preferred teleconferencing programs available to the general public. AT&T Connect is also another great option; this provider is geared towards businesses and their conference calls. It offers some services similar to that of Skype, but it does come at a fee. They also offer free trials, so you can take it for a test run before you end up paying for something that may or may not suit your needs.Telemarketer

Why Use Teleconferencing for Business or Pleasure?

Due to our fast paced world, we are not always able to connect with multiple friends, family, or business partners/interests in one physical establishment. Therefore, we must learn to improvise, with turn of the millennia conceptions such as teleconferencing. Whether you are unable to get a cell phone signal, showing your cross-country friend your new dance routine, or discussing a new business project with clients from all over the country, teleconferencing can help you to connect. It is truly a trouble saving and effective way to reach people, while using your current internet connection. If you have not yet tried to use your wireless PC to make phone calls, you might just find that it is easier than trying to find a decent cellular reception, while skipping the static you may encounter.

This article has been contributed by our guest who writes for Powwownow, UK’s leading conference call provider.

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