How Facebook Photo Tagging Works [Infographic]

The Facebook photo tagging features is one of the popular product that facebook have for most of its users on its platform. It works in such a way that it can identify people’s face and help other users to tag the person when uploading picture to facebook and this will make the picture to go viral on the facebook platform and this will certainly make the picture to drive traffic to the owners website and his facebook profile wall because people will be willing to learn more about the picture.

Many internet users have cashed-in on using this services because they have the best traffic to their respective website with the facebook photo tagging features. Some of them will write sales letter on their website and upload a funny picture to their facebook wall and in order for them to make the most of the picture, they will continue to tag people who facebook suggests with the picture even without asking for permission from the respective facebook profile owners.

Since people will always go for something that is very funny, this strategy will certainly work for them in getting those viewers to visit their website and that can also result in more sales for them. Facebook on its own does not introduce this service because of the abusive way that people will be using it for, if they know this, they wouldn’t have allowed it to work that way since this can affect their advertising campaign.

So, in this post, I present to you an infograph of how facebook photo-tagging works so that you can have an idea of the service and to either know how to protect yourself from this trend or to make use of it if you are very much ready for traffic spikes on your website.

If you have anything to say on this infograph about facebook photo tagging feature. Kindly share it in the comment box below and let’s rob ideas together on the subject.

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